Heavy Metal

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  1. I had always wanted one. Being proud owner of a Bullseye, I couldn't help playing around with a Super that smiled to me from a dealer's shelf, and from the moment I heard the shutter noise I wanted one. Try to play with one and you'll know what I mean. The one in the shop was way to expensive. It took some time, but then I found one that I could afford. Taking actual pictures with a Bullseye is a challenge. Not so with a Super. It has very precise TTL spot metering, so this is exactly what you want if you shoot B&W. And the Zeiss glass. I share some of my first efforts; my scanner is not capable of reproducing the subtle tone differences the Zeiss lenses produce. For those who still don't know what I'm writing about, here she is:
  2. Quite sharp, actually.
  3. Wide angle.
  4. Last one.
  5. Peter , wonderful sharp photos. So many times people will post a photo from a
    classic camera and they are not focused correctly , showing camera
    movement, or worse. You photos are very well done with a excellent camera.
    thanks for sharing them.
  6. Beautiful, well composed photographs.
  7. Heavy metal indeed, from a time when you knew you were not holding a toy, but a precision instrument. Thanks for letting us share, the simplicity of the last shot is just lovely.
    John R.
  8. Great Sharpness and Tones, nothing like Zeiss. At least, this camera will keep your tripod planted firmly.
  9. Great shots! I love looking at great images from great old cameras. There's something about a Zeiss lens. It is sharp, but doesn't "cut" the way a Leica lens does. They also seem to produce longer tonal scale, while still being contrasty "enough". This is one of the cameras I dreamed of as a kid, but could never afford back then. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Never had this model in my hands but I do know what Zeiss lenses can do. Excellent post Peter, thank you. Last shot is a gem, well done
  11. Very beautiful pictures, especially the 2nd one as you can clearly see the tree branches. They all show a fantastic tone! Hooray for Zeiss!
  12. Correction...the first one.
  13. Very impressive shots. Thanks for searing.
  14. Congratulations on your new acquisition & thanks for sharing your shots. I also have a Super (front-switch version). The TTL metering is indeed precise, although @ the cost of some decreased brightness in the VF (1 reason why I'm looking for an affordable example of the Professional).

    Here's a link to photos I've taken w/my Super:

  15. Michael Axel: you are correct in that the Contarex lenses were intentionally made to produce medium format-quality images (like the Zeiss lenses for the Hasselblad). See Erwin Puts's article:

  16. Great photos - that prove less can be more....

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