Hasselblad 500cm Masks

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  1. I created masks to use over my focus fresnel so I can better compose with my A16 backs. Basically, I print them on transparency, using my inkjet printer. I created a variety of masks, including some for the digital back. Here is an image of the six versions one can print on an 8x10 sheet. Any suggestions to change or add would be greatly appreciated. Also, once I finalize the images, I will share the PDF here if anyone wants to use them. H500CM_Masks.jpg
  2. Nice work!
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  3. Look forward to the pdf. Bravo and thanks. Arthur
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  4. I printed my first transparency today. The exported pdf file was in b&w only and I printed it with the default settings. I looked at the masks and with the magnifier they looked rough. I next printed them in color with the fine setting and bang, they came out great. Much better and no sign of rough edge. Anyone know how I can post the PDF file somewhere here?
    IMG_8426.JPG Masks Pics.jpg
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  5. The PDF file can be accessed here.
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