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  1. I seriously need help with pricing....this organization has requested that i submit a proposal for bid. They want headshots and a group shot. (40-60 people) and a youth organization of group shot and head shots...maybe (20 people)
    How much should I charge for the headshots....they also want a cd of images..with rights to use at their discretion.
  2. What is your time worth? How much profit do you want to make? How long do you estimate the shoot(s) to take? Any travel involved? Any other expenses - renting lights, an assistant etc?
  3. No....i estimate a large group....maybe 2 hours to do the shoot..maybe 1 travel besides the rentals....Im also looking for a vendor to provide the 24X36 matted print they want quoted also.....
  4. Jermaine:

    Again, you need to ask yourself what your time is worth and how much you want to make - this pretty much dictates what you'll charge per hour. A day's worth of shooting and another day post processing maybe?

    Photographic day rates vary. A lot. Not only between photographers, but also between locations. As a photographer you can charge a much higher day rate if you're in New York City than if you're in Gilead, Nebraska - population 12. I know photographers who will not consider going outside their door for less than $2k a day just for showing up. I know photographers who charge $1k for a full day of shooting, all post and all rights included. There just isn't any set rate, it really is up to you and what you feel your time is worth.

    Check with other photographers in your area and see what they would charge for a day of shooting. Chances are you'll get a wide variety of pricing along with an idea of what the local market will accept.
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    Jermaine appears to be in the Tampa area. Tampa has had a pretty significant surge in unemployment in the last year and the income, while probably higher than Gilead, is not in the range of some other metropolitan areas. A good comparison for pricing may be found on this photographer's page.
  6. Hehe Jeff, I think income pretty much anywhere in the US is higher than in Gilead. Every time I pass through there - if you blink you miss the place - I never see anyone around doing much of anything. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen anyone around in Gilead at all...

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