Greetings from Australia

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  1. Hi I’ve just joined,
    I live in Adelaide and have been taking shots for approx two years with film. Over the last six months my attention has leaned heavily towards MF.
    I like to include urban elements or people in my b&w work and normally I use colour or IR B&W for landscapes but as time goes on tastes change and new ideas grow.
    I like to travel and my work takes me all over the globe and usually I take a tlr + another camera (folder 6x9 or 35mm slr) I travel light, but the digital happy snapper always ends up in the bottom of my bag (just in case).
    I am still in the collecting image stage with my work but have several collections of photos I hope to print traditionally next year and exhibit around Adelaide Festival time, ill see if I reach my goal...
    I’ve been reading the forums for a couple of years and has been a handy place to learn a few tricks and hopefully I can give something to the community too.
    I have a flickr page and if you’d like please check it out and post a comment;
    Have a good day.
  2. Welcome to PN Tim! There are a few Aussie's on PN as you probably know, and I personally get a buzz when I see a photo taken in Australia, so hopefully you'll be able to post some from the Adelaide Festival.
    Enjoy PN!
    Cheers, Anthea :)
  3. Cheers,

    Ill be getting some shots up over the next couple of weeks just puting together a collection of the best ones

  4. Hi from WA.... welcome aboard... look forward to your images.

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