Grand Canyon North Rim in early May

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  1. All,

    I'm trekking to the area the first week of May and wondering if it will be possible to reach the North Rim for photography. I have read that
    the NorthRrim does not open until mid-May, after my trip, but also have read that it is possible to reach the rim by alternative gravel road
    routes even when the main road is closed. I will be in a regular rental car - no four wheel drive, and wondering if it is worth it to try or if I
    should wait until I travel there in season. Any advice is most appreciated.
  2. Maybe you can get to the park entrance station, but then you still have about 10 miles to the rim. Keep in mind that the North Rim can get a fair amount of snow.
  3. Snow isn't much of a concern this year. Snowfall in AZ is way down this winter.
  4. It could go either way this year! I would wait until you are closer to your departure date and then check with National Park Service. If the roads are closed, then it would be close to impossible to get to the North Rim - unless you are prepared to ski in - that's a very, very long trek though!
  5. If the main paved road is closed due to heavy snow and ice do you honestly think going down a gravel road in a regular 2WD car is a good idea?
    If you try it please take lots of food and supplies so we don't hear about them finding you months later... Also, taking the car off pavement violates most rental car agreements.
  6. Even if the road to the park, and INTO the park is open, I'd make the effort to go to the canyon rim on some of the roads you are talking about. For one thing, you can rent a car with good clearance, it doesn't have to be 4x4, just a suv or truck.
    Do some google searches for Kanab Point for instance. If the roads are dry you can make it in a high clearance vehicle, its only the last few miles that are sorta rough. Nothing like standing on the rim of the Canyon ALL BY YOURSELF!
  7. I will never forget the guy I met on the dirt road traveling west along the N. Rim. He was in a sedan and had a thin trail of oil behind him from a cracked oil pan.
  8. Thanks for all the responses - does not sound too encouraging!
    That was my initial thought, but when I read about a potential alternative route I wanted to get some feedback, so thanks again to all. I believe I'll wait until I can schedule travel when the main road is open.

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