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  1. Hi, I bought a Profisix SBC meter over the internet, put an Alkaline 9V battery in it, but the needle does not move whatever the settings I dial in. When I test the baterry, it does move (although "over the edge", it moves to the far right beyond the green "batt" zone).
    At the back it says, "Batt. 9 volt - IEC 6 F 22". I assumed an Alkaline 9V would do, or is this an early version which requires a special battery?
    Any other ideas? I do not even know how to open it (a little screw in the very middle does not move; the adjustment screw seems to work fine, at least the needle moves when I turn it).
  2. It's the right battery, and it's full.<br><br>The meter needle moves after you press the metering button, comes to a stop, after which you move the dial to put it back in the middle again.<br>You say the meter does not move when you turn the dial, so it has to be asked: did you also press the metering button first?<br><br>If you have (and you probably will), and the meter does not move whatever you point the meter at, the thing needs to be repaired.<br>Though it is possible to open the thing (the single screw in the middle of the back should be removed, after which you lift out the metal plate on the back (do not bend it), revealing more screws that hold front and back together), it's impossible to repair it without schematics and test equipment. The electronics are not that simple.
  3. Manuals for a similar, at least, meter at http://www.butkus.org/chinon/flashes_meters.htm
    Some additional info on getting into the meter at our very own Rick Oleson's site: http://rick_oleson.tripod.com/index-126.html
  4. Thanks for the responses. Yes, I did press the red measuring button, but the needle will not move (unless tested for the battery). Thanks also for the detailed notes—I guess I better stay clear of all this and send the meter for repair. At least one post somewhere of 2012 pointed out that Gossen still repair this meter. I just hope it's not going to break the bank (I'm in the UK so the posting should be fine).
  5. "Some additional info on getting into the meter at our very own Rick Oleson's site:"

    That link points towards a different meter (the Lunasix - LunaPro in the U.S.).
  6. Unfortunately, Gossen's website no longer lists the Profisix sbc among the meters they still service.
    Trying to find another place. The meter now, btw, only moves to the far opposite when I press the measuring button.
  7. Hi Willem,
    Per Q.G de Bakker's earlier post the meter needle must be zeroed after you have pressed the red measuring button. At this point you can then read off the suggested shutter speed / aperture settings from around the inner rim of the wheel.

    After you press the measuring button the meter will retain the light reading for approx 30 seconds. You must rotate the wheel and allign the needle in the centre of the scale at the zero mark within this time. Otherwise the meter turns itself off.
    If your meter needle, after pressing the red button, is hard over on the right side of the scale you need to rotate the wheel anti-clockwise to bring the needle back to the centre of the scale and then take your reading.
    Vice versa if after pressing the button and your needle is on the left side of the zero mark on the scale.
    If you rotate the wheel while the meter is switched off the needle will not move and should be alligned with the small mark to the left of the 3 mark on the left hand side of the scale.
    Remember that you only have about 30 seconds after pressing the measurement button to adjust the needle via the wheel and get your exposure data.
    The meter will also operate in 'continuous' mode if you push in the measurement button and twist it at the same time. Best to leave this function alone for the moment until you've determined how the meter works in it's basic mode.
  8. I don't know about that particular meter, but on my Luna Pro F it behaves differently in flash mode vs ambient light, does yours have these two modes? I've occasionally had mine in flash mode trying to use outdoors for ambient until I realize the error...
    "bought it on the internet"...can you return it? Just me, but a meter is one thing I've always bought new. I've had my Lunapro F since 1987 or so. Got a newer Sekonic spot meter about 5 years ago but still prefer the Gossen.
  9. Had an old Gossen meter that was in need of repair, but never had it done. In looking for a repair shop I found this one recommended on a few forums.....
    Quality Light Metric Co
    7095 Hollywood Blvd Ste 550
    Los Angeles, CA 90028-8912
    Phone: (323) 467-2265
  10. Hi Martin,yes, I was aware of the need to rotate the wheel after pressing the red button, but the needle does not move position. I've changed the ISO and turned the wheel many times!
    Ironically, Gossen stopped servicing this meter only two months ago! I got an email from them explaining that they no longer have the parts and therefore stopped service of their analogue meter. I have now sent it to a local address (UK), someone who dealt with this model before, although it remains to be seen whether it can be fixed.
    It was sold as-is, alas, should've been more careful myself.
  11. Changing the ISO does nothing, except change the relative position of the scales on the wheels, Willem.<br>The only thing the dials do that is connected to the electronics and thus could make a difference is rotate the dial as a whole and doing so change (i think) a resistor.<br><br>Too bad that it isn't working. The Profisix is a fine meter (i worn a couple of them out, still have and use a couple).<br>Depending on how much you had to pay for it "as-is", it's perhaps not too bad after all. You could get a fine meter by taking gambles like this, figuring in the cost of a possible repair, for both a still appropriate and small enough amount of money. Just make sure the repair will not be too expensive.

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