Golf tournament photography

Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by craig_shearman|1, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hoping to pick up some work this year shooting golf tournaments. Would appreciate advice from anyone else who has done this. I dabbled with it maybe 20 years ago but haven't done anything recently.
    What I'm thinking is photos of the foursomes posed together at the tee before they tee off. 4x6 prints in folders on site. Maybe also a posed or action shot of each golfer teeing off (maybe a practice swing so as not to interfere with his/her actual game.) Is this a good approach? What is best way to price -- charge sponsors per player, charge flat fee, sell to players rather than sponsor? Are golf course mangers best person to approach or tournament organizers?
  2. Foursome shots are by far the most popular, so you definitely have the right idea. This place has some good photo folders for golf tournaments:
    I'd go with the flat fee. Talk to the event organizer first, since they'll usually bundle your cost into the golfers' fees. Make sense?

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