Gitzo g106 (Tatalux/Total Luxe) weight capacity

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by ron_sher, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. I have just bought the Gitzo g106 compact tripod which I believe is now
    discontinued. Would anyone know what weight load this small tripod is designed
    for or any other specifications? Thanks!
  2. Look at the specifications for Gitzo series one tripods. Each series is based on a particular tube size.
  3. Edward,
    I would gladly look at the specifications for this model if I could find them. Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued.
  4. Did you try googling "Gitzo G106" to see the negative comments about this model? This past week I was googling a discontinued gitzo tripod listed on ebay, and I found a 2003 Gitzo catalog in pdf format still on the net, so the info is out there. Email gitzo? Otherwise it should be what Edward said about series one, although it would be less than the current series 1 CF for the same model. You could try the gitzo site in the net archives, but I've never checked gitzo site to see how far it goes back.
  5. I have the same tripod and in getting ready to sell it, I pulled out all the old Gitzo information from my file cabinet from when it was distributed by Karl Heitz. The weight limit for the 106 Total Luxe is 10 pounds. It's an interesting tripod in that it collapses to only 13 inches but raises to 56 inches with the double center column extended.

    Larry Berman

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