Getting new empty 8x11 cassettes for Minox

Discussion in 'Minox' started by perotin, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Hi guys,

    I see it’s not getting better with 8x11 films for my Minox! :) I tried to start something several years ago, tried to buy new films and never got them at that time (I put an order online, then waited for months, and it never came :)… At that time, the cost was around 10€ for a single film, now it’s 25€. So, if I want to start something again, the use of a slitter will be the solution, I guess (actually I bought one with blades, but never really used it). I know how to develop the films (I did that, I have the equipment, and even the Minox enlarger too.) So, my major problem is the empty cassettes. I guess having new empty cassettes would be the best. So, were are we in 2019 with that issue? I do not see any provider that seem to have an offer of new empty cassettes. As there still are providers for loaded cassettes, I guess that some company is still providing theses new cassettes, and as people are loading films at home, they will have to find new cassettes (I guess that reloaded cassettes do not fit forever.) I there a secret provider? Is there something to hope for the future? Before it’s getting even worse, I would be happy to find a way to get a consistent number of empty cassettes...

    An other idea. If the provider of empty cassettes do not want to sell these unloaded (or sell them at such a high price, that it would be better tu buy the cassettes with a film inside, even at 25€ each), did someone start to think about building new ones using 3D print ? Serveral years ago, one of the 8x11 fan did create fascinating steel cassettes. But now 3D print could be easier, less expansive and useful, or is my idea stupid?

    writing from Bordeaux, France
  2. Twenty years ago, ACMEL in Japan offered empty ACMEL cassettes.

    Now the best solution is still to buy a few loaded cassettes.
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