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  1. Hello,
    I have a Canon Powershot A430, and a new computer. On my old computer i installed the software that came with the camera. It sucks! It's incredibly big, eats memory, it installs about 5 different programs, which I never use, etc.
    In short, with my new computer I would like a new program. Light, simple, free and easy. All it needs to do is take the pictures from the camera and put them on my hard-drive, in a folder of my choice, and in sub-folders by date - the date when the picture was made, not the date I put it on my PC. This is the only thing I ever did with the Canon software, so the new software should do this and nothing more or less.
    Does anybody know such a program? I've searched around a bit, but there's too many to choose from. I'm using XP by the way.
  2. Try Google Picasa (free) or Adobe Lightroom (not free).
  3. You already have the means in your computer. Instead of the Canon stuff why not use Windows Explorer in your XP programme. It may not do the date stuff but that just means a little extra work from you to create the folder you want it in. I don't see camera files as much different to txt files, just a collection of +'s and -"s :), and after a quick look at the Canon stuff which came with a camera way back I have used WE for years now, as long as I have had XP and W2000 before it. [3.11 before that, it was called directory in those days :) ]
  4. +1 for Downloader Pro if that is all you want to do with it. It is really fast and efficient at downloading and creating folders (and file names, for that matter) based on the metadata.
  5. I use and recommend Faststone from It is free and has many useful features. Plus, it's not a memory hog.
  6. +1 for faststone!
  7. you may not need any program to do it. just simply connect the camera to the computer and it will recognize the camera as a drive. Or you can buy a card reader.

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