Fujicolor Pro 160C and 160S Availability

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by robert_martin|5, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Anyone know when Medium Format Fujicolor Pro 160C and 160S will be
    available in the U.S.? I see it is available in the UK, but all I
    can find about availability in the U.S. is summer of 2005.
  2. I see it appearing for order via froogle.com (Imageologists) but
    am not sure they're actually delivering it.
  3. I just ran across the PMA (or Photokina?) entries for Pro 160C & 160S: What got my attention was RMS granularity of 3, as opposed to 4 for NPC & NPS...

  4. I just picked up 20 rolls of Pro 160c in 4 5-packs 120 format from Imageologists. ordered it Friday, it shipped Tuesday, arrived today.

    They have 160s on the site as well, in 135, 120 and 4x5 formats, domestic and imported. The 4x5 is backordered. I didn't order the 135, so I don't know the availability. The site doesn't say, you have to call, or have them call you.

    Looks like I have extra reason to get out and do some shooting this weekend!

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