FS: Vintage Camera Collection - Nikon SP, Leica iiig & M3

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  1. I'm lazy. so rather than typing a new listing, I'm just going to paste the link to my CraigsList ad:

    Vintage Camera Collection - Nikon & Leica

    Forgive the way this is written for CL. I'm sure that most of you reading this know more about the equipment than I do. I have not sat down and come up with prices for anything. I am more or less "fishing" to see if there is any interest in any of it. I probably should have started here rather than CL. Then again, I'd much rather sell locally than deal with shipping.

    I know about what I paid for most of this stuff. And, as I said in the listing, I'm not giving anything away. I'm just getting old and thought that this equipment should find a new home.

    What else...the SP is the titanium curtain version. It's not mint, but it is darned pretty. The M3 is gorgeous - just a few minor rubs on the top plate but you have to look carefully to see them. The iiig shutter sticks a little bit on slow speeds. So probably needs CLA if you plan to use it. But it is very pretty, too. The Summicron is awesome. I also have a sweet 3.5cm Summitar. Another cool lens is a 100mm f3.5 Canon LSM like brand-new, still in the velvet-lined box.

    I'll happily send a list of all of the lenses upon request.

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