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    Up for your consideration is a Leica M10-P Black Chrome camera in superb condition, Leica screen protector installed.

    You probably know that the “P” for “Professional” version of the M-10 added a touch screen and a much quieter shutter. It also has a build in level gauge. These three features are very nice upgrades when compared to the original M10. It also has a black logo instead of the red dot logo, which some people prefer as a stealth looking Leica.

    Comes complete with everything:

    Three spare batteries, RRS grip which is metal and allows the camera to be connected using a quick connect strap—a very nice way to carry the camera. It also allows the camera body to be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation.

    If there is a sweet spot in digital photography, the Leica M10-P occupies it. It’s light, small, quiet, has excellent lenses available for both reasonable and exorbitant prices, and just feels good in the hand. It’s not for every purpose or every person, but it makes you more immediately part of the picture taking process, slows you down, and as a result, can make you a better photographer.

    But there’s plenty of technology here. A few notable things about the camera: The shutter is *quiet* like no mechanical shutter I’ve ever experienced. Its way of rolling off hi-lights into pure white is quite beautiful. It has a perspective correction feature that is quite remarkable.

    Yes, a Leica is a status symbol. But it’s also a damn fine camera.

    Asking Price: USD$7600 OBO

    If you are interested kindly send me a message via mail

    iansas91 at gmail dot com

    Thanks for looking...!!!



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