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  1. So my penguins directed me over to this site and it's amazing how technology is even offered to us that live in Igloos. Okay I lie no penguins and I definitely do not live in an igloo ( we do not get the right type of snow where I am in Canada.. but that would make a good picture! )
    I have not uploaded any pictures to this site yet beyond my profile picture. I should do that. I am a beginner in photography. I've been invested in art all of my life in one form or another. This form of art is now an obsession and just feels right. This site has been immensely helpful in regards to being able to study pictures, getting advice in all aspects of photography and it's even helped me learn more about cameras themselves with the reviews ( or opinions whichever wording works best )!
    As of this moment I currently am a proud owner of the Canon EOS 7D ( listens to all the boos and hisses from the Nikon corner ) with two lenses the EF 50mm f1.4 and Ef-s 17-55mm f2.8. I am hoping to add a macro and a tele-zoom lens to my bag over the course of the upcoming year ( and hopefully L lenses if my pocket book can handle it ). My favourite subjects at the moment of course are my two daughters.. whom are either going to love the camera or hate it as they get older lol... but it does give me a valid reason to say " I just want to shoot you" without getting into trouble.
    Here is a recent picture of my youngest daughter Danielle:
    and more on my blog if you want to cringe and look at my photos warts n all
  2. Welcome Ashley from far as I can go Western Canada! Robert
  3. "...listens to all the boos and hisses from the Nikon corner"
    No boos or hisses here. Use what works for you. ;-) :)
    Welcome from Nouvelle-Écosse, where the penguins have long since migrated south for the year. Enjoy your time here, and by all means upload some more photos of your little ones to your portfolio.
  4. Thank you very much for the welcome guys :) I have spent a fair bit of time last month or so roaming the site so I figured it was high time to introduce myself and start adding pictures for hopefully helpful critiques.
  5. Welcome to, Ashley. I've never been to Canada, but I listen to Great Big Sea (from Newfoundland) and also Captain Tractor. Both are a kind of Celtic Rock, with Great Big Sea more so and tossing in a few traditional songs for good measure. Post lots of pictures because you will get tons of feedback if you want it and others will seek your advice as well.

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