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  1. Look at Izzy’s opening post. It’s not about vision, it’s all about PP. He, or she, needs to understand it’s a crap wildlife photo and no amount of PP will save it.
  2. A beginner.
  3. In your hands, that’s likely true. This comment shows your own shortcomings, not Izzy’s.
  4. Fair enough
  5. What’s likely true?
  6. Right. I don’t measure my progress or creativity by the location of exhibitions I have nor am I in the habit of backing up my critiques by recalling my resume. I simply let my words and photos speak for themselves.

    Even your misinterpretations are very telling of your perspective and values.
  7. That no amount of the type of PP work you’re limited to and you typically apply would work for this photo. A broader vision would be necessary. If you look at the photos inoneeye pointed to and you can’t envision this photo done in that mode, then your vision needs expanding.
  8. Sam, we all know likes mean nothing to you and you’d like to grow as a photographer. So after all these years, how tall are you, 70 ft?
  9. No, it doesn’t. I am very happy with my vision (I went to specsavers)
  10. Well! I certainly didn't expect so many replies, many of which where quite helpful (Leslie, Dave, Ray, Sam, Inoneeye) to name a few.
    I found the negative (knew I had it someplace just didn't know where someplace was) and have decided to rescan it and see what happens.....Izzy
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  11. I can’t wait
  13. He was a pretty smart guy.

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