Four Months without Gene M

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by troll, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. It's not my imagination -- I just checked, and his last post was April 7. Is he all right? Has he been banned?
  2. Some say that he will starve to death if not constantly supplied with old film to consume.
  3. Yeah I noticed that too... Been awhile! I hope he's all right! I suspect that maybe he's a little bored....found film is getting harder to stumble across! We need to send him a crackerjack box camera he's never seen before so he can show us how it's done!! The times are not so naive ... more calculated estate sales as true found in the attic stuff! I miss Gene!
  4. I bet he is off fishing and enjoying the short summer in New England. He'll be back in the Fall with Tall Tales to Tell.
  5. I suspect that he developed a found film and Unleashed the Forces of Darkness. As James Bond once said, "Something he disagreed with, ate him." I wish he'd come back, though...
  6. Gene M goes on sabbatical from time to time. Last time someone noticed he wasn't around, they phoned, and he was taking a break and doing something nonphotographic for a while. He'll be back.
  7. Gene M is what keeps me coming back to this forum, and has been for a couple of years. I don't post here, but I'm a daily lurker. He's a special guy. If that book ever comes out I'll pre-order 10.
  8. Gene.. did you get that.. I hope the presses are ready!
  9. I hope the strong smell from the Stink-o-flex, aka Herco-flex, didn't put him down for the count. But Gene is tough, he will return with wonder photos and his wacky stories when a roll of old film finds him.
  10. Worried, as you are, I sent a note to Gene M a week ago or so and he was nice enough to reassure me that he is well and will return to our company in due course. I hated to intrude, but I was hoping everything was all right.
    In the meantime, his site is still very much there at LINK. I visit it regularly when he is not posting "live" to get my fix of found film.
  11. Thats good news JDM, thanks for posting that he is ok. I was thinking of contacting him myself but also didn't want to intrude, just in case he was getting a heap of people asking him the same thing.
    I purchased a camera off him a few months ago and I promised to email him some photos when I got it. Now I'd better get my butt into gear and shoot some film in it for him.
    Hail the king of lost & found films!
  12. I sent him a PM a week ago requesting info on processing old film but never got a reply back from him. Glad to hear he is all right.
  13. Sorry, Bill.
    I posted my redundant question above before I had scrolled down far enough to see your post. I also am concerned.
  14. There is a rumor going around that he is switching to found memory cards and will be appearing soon in the Digital Darkroom forum.
  15. I seem to recall that he has a project going in which he's doing big prints for a local charity or nursing homes or something like that. That may be keeping him pretty busy too. Anyway, it's a long winter ahead, so plenty of time for catching up then.
  16. I hope the strong smell from the Stink-o-flex, aka Herco-flex, didn't put him down for the count.​
    No, because I've got that one... and will until somebody comes forth to claim it next.
  17. I'm waiting for Gene to do a book. I'll step over all of you to get the first copy.
  18. Well, thank you kindly JDM von Weinberg for that link. I enjoyed looking at more work from Gene M.
    It's an eerie sensation that all too often when I look at his Found images, I have the sudden premonition of knowing the people in the photographs. In the end this always turns out to be merely coincidence of having similar images from my own past or from that of my parents or grandparents. It's really very funny and makes me smile.
    I think there's a roll of "found film" kicking around here somewhere that was in a second-hand camera....
    Then there were the "found kodachromes" that came in the second-hand carousel trays I bought. I couldn't get rid of them because they showed a young couple's trip to the south of Spain when the orange trees in the orangerie of Seville's cathedral were merely newly-replanted saplings......

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