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    I was thinking about creating a photo site. However, I don't know where to start from here. I've been looking at SquareSpace, Weebly, Wix, and Shopify which is out of my price range. I have also been looking at WordPress Premium but some say it is better to just self-host. Is WordPress Premium Worth It? 6 Important Things To Know I'm not too familiar with self-hosting. Can anyone recommend a good platform and is it hard to self host? I can't afford more than $10/mo. Also, which platform has the easiest drag and drop builder. I'm not a techie and need something that is easy to learn. Thanks in advance for any advice given!
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    Having no previous web experience, you have set a challenge for yourself. There are a number of webhosts out there that offer shared hosting--and some refine it a bit further by offering "wordpress" hosting. You are wise to stick with some flavor of Wordpress--either one you load on the server yourself, or one that they do--as this is going to give you the most versatility and ease of site development. $

    Once you have a host and wordpress installed--you need to find a theme with a working gallery solution. On my personal site, I am using PhotoCrati with the NextGen gallery plugins. These are not free--depending on how many bells and whistles you want it runs $100 and up.

    I suggest that you google the phrase "wordpress for photographers" and do a bit of reading. Then check out these 10 hosts and see what tickles your fancy:

    Top 10 WordPress Hosting Providers of 2017

    I use InMotionhosting, but I am also running a VPS--which is quite a bit more powerful and configurable than shared hosting. When you have looked about a bit, come on back and hit a few specific questions we can help you with. Oh, and a "WordPress for Dummies" book might not be a bad investment. Amazon carries them and some other good titles as well... wordpress for dummies

    OH and P.S. NEVER buy your domain name from your hosting company or as part of some package. Go with a reputable domain registrar like GoDaddy,, or These people have been around a long time, are reputable--and unlike one of the tied-in or free domain registrations--won't tie up or hold hostage your domain name if you choose to change web hosts. And if you have a website for any number of years--you WILL end up changing to someone else for a better deal and better service!
  3. Sign up for a Starter account at for $60/year (billed annually) or $7/month (billed monthly).

    Setting up a site is easy and does not require any technical knowledge -- just select one of the presets. My own website is hosted by zenfolio.
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