First shots with the EC

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  1. I had these recently developed by Blue Moon, I think they did a good job, I however could probably benefit from your thoughts and critique on these pictures.
    I used Minopan 100, with my minox EC. The pictures were taken between december and Februar in
    Vilseck Germany. All I did to the images was resize and crop them. They were scanned using my HP scanner. Not the best scanner but all I have to work with.
    Personally I would like to know if the yellow tinge to the pictures is due to the fact that the 100 film isnt really rated for bright daylight.
    I dont think I did too bad. But I would like to hear what you have to say either way.
    I also have some photos from my LX that I will be posting shortly...
  2. I think I read on Bluemoons homepage that their BW fotos have a "warm brown color" so its in their development
  3. yeah i see that now .... "old-fashioned warm tone style"
    I'm not sure that I particularly like it though
  4. You may remove the brown tone with photoshop
  5. I think Blue Moon print everything on colour paper so that b&w come out this tone. Most scanners have the option of scanning "greyscale", or you can desaturate in photoshop if you prefer.
    Nice photos!
  6. Here are some other pictures from my EC....
    As you can see I messed with the saturation on these photos, and they have more of the tone that i like.
    Photoshop can work wonders. once i can get the time I will upload some more shots from my EC. and eventually get to the shots I took with my LX.
  7. These are not 'Warm tone' except for the last one. They are Sepia tone. Nice photos with excellent focus!!

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