First ever developed & scanned photo

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  2. FIRST photo you ever developed:


    Well, one of the first. 1950s Kodak 620. (part of Photography merit badge work)

    But this is one of the first I scanned from Kodachrome slide film in the late 20th c

    Canoscan 4000
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  3. Blue Angels at the El Toro Airshow, circa 1987, captured on Ektachrome. Early (if recent) scanning effort using Nikkor ES-1 slide copier + PK-13 extension tube + Micro-Nikkor 55mm/2.8 on Nikon D810. Cropped.
    Early scan-3850.jpg
  4. A print I made from a roll of film I took with my parent's kodak 35mm camera. It is also the first image I consciously thought of as "art." I was probably about 16 or 17. The drug store would not print this one because it was too thin, but in a friend's darkroom I used a high contrast paper and made this print, about 1968 or so. This is a scan of that print. raft in moonlight.jpg
  5. One of the few good early photographs that I ever took and (not so good) developed; my sister at Santa Cruz beach in about 1956 or 1957. It took a lot of Photoshop work to eliminate fingerprints, dust, scratches, etc. from the scan of a contact print. Might have been taken with my mother's Kodak Autographic roll film camera. old santa cruz photo s.jpg
  6. IMG_20190506_0001.jpg
    One of the first pictures I developed in my darkroom/bathroom. It hung over my desk for several years back in the early 60s until it resurfaced recently when I scanned it.
  7. Not the first taken but this was recently found in a box of prints from around 1980. The guy with little hair now has none, it was a camera club outing. I think it was taken at a working farm museum in Shropshire UK.
    Frank&Frank_Pentax (1 of 1).jpg
  8. Pritzcat-P(B&W).jpg
    I'm not sure this one is actually the first, but ...
    Taken in around 1975 (Disneyland back lot)
    Leicaflex SL, 50mm Summicron
    K-64 (scanned and converted to B&W)

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