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  1. My nephew Shayan shall be 8 end of this month. He is a very bright and
    inquisitive boy, and I would love to introduce him to digital photography. I
    am looking for an entry level digital camera that takes AA batteries, easy to
    use, inexpensive and not too big for the hands of an 8 year old. His father is
    a computer geek so showing him the basics of a digital camera (having read the
    instructions) wouldn't be a major problem. The aim of this purchase is to get
    him interetsed in photography, technology and create acceptable pictures that
    his doting grandparents would enjoy. Whatever camera I get I shall get a 512MB
    card and donate my nearly new lowerpro compact camera case. Basically, this
    will be his birthday present.

    I have been looking on and have narrowed down my searches to the
    following entry level digitals -
    Fuji FinePix A500 Digital Camera - 5MP, 3x Optical Zoom (59 UK pounds)
    Canon Powershot A430 Grey Digital Camera -4MP 4 X Optical Zoom (72 UKP)
    Nikon Coolpix L4 Digital Compact Camera - 4 MP 3 X Optical Zoom (70 UKP)
    Samsung Digimax A503 - Red Digital Camera [5MP] (70 UKP)
    Kodak EasyShare C433 Digital Camera ( 4MP, 3 x Optical Zoom ) (59 UKP)

    Perhaps the choices above are a little too advanced for an 8 year old?

    Below this price range I have also found a few where the cheap price does make
    it more attractive for an 8 year old.
    Vivitar V4100 4MP Camera - 1.5" Screen (30 UKP plus delivery)
    Vivitar V5385 5mp Digital Camera - 3x optical (47 UKP plus delivery)

    So for the moment I am toying between the Fuji Finepix A500, Kodak Easyshare
    C433 and Vivitar V5385 as something that he could start playing with for the
    moment and then do a little more for the next couple of years. However, if he
    is going to use it as a toy then surely the 4MP Vivitar V4100 at 30 UKP is the
    best thing and maybe in a couple of years time I could look for something a
    little more advanced?

    Some sensible advice on this is very much appreciated particularly from
    parents who have similar aged children!

    Thanking you in advance.
  2. Get the Olympus model that is water proof, and drop proof.

    Also, Pentax makes waterproof cameras, but they are not drop proof.

    8 years kid could occasionaly drop camera.
  3. ... and don't spend too much money. Eight-year-old boys have been known to lose things too!
  4. I gave my son my 6 months old Canon A70 when he was a bit over 8. You will be suprise how they learn to take care of thing when they know it is expensive. He did however totally distroy it about 18 months after. But then, an entry level A70 didn't hold much vaule after 2 years anyway. My point is, if it is more then a toy, get a good entry level camera but get one that doesn't hurt when it is gone.
  5. I will simply reiterate what I said in this thread:

    The two models are toughened and not terribly expensive. I think they would be a better choice than a "regular" point and shoot.
  6. For lower priced cameras, I think Kodak is the best. I have purchased two cameras for friends in the last week. Both were Kodak, because they wanted something very simple, with great pictures. Some of the Kodak's are going for around $100.
  7. You never know what's "too advanced". I have a friend whose 8 year old shoots with an old 4x5 press camera, develops his own film and prints his own pictures!
  8. I purchased my 15 yr old daughter the Fuji F20 and we are very happy with it. It has it own special battery to recharge, but she is able to take a lot of pictures on one charge. Check it out. We were at our oldest sons place over Christmas for one week. She had her F20 and I had my D50 and we both got some great pictures. The anti blurr feature with no flash works great on this camera (NO RED EYE).
  9. thanks very much to everyone. after reading what has been said here i have invested 50 UK pounds in a 5MP vivitar with 3x optical zoom and a kingston 512MB SD card. link enclosed -

    it is a little more than i wanted to pay but the free delivery helped make up my mind over the 4MP.

    thanks again.

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