First attempt at street photography

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  1. I’ve taken my first, deliberate step in street photography. I am attaching three of my street photos to this thread that I have performed preliminary post on. Each has a color and black and white version, but I am only attaching the color versions for your critique.

    I’m looking for any, and all, critical feedback on these photos – no holds barred.

    (I really do not want to give street photography a bad name. LOL)

    Thank you for your feedback!

    20210904 5DM38457 Court Jester Freehold NJ MWS C V1.jpg 20210904 5DM38478 Friends enjoying the day MWS C V1.jpg 20210904 5DM38516 Sidewalk dining in Freehold MWS C V1.jpg
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  2. Mick, you already know how and why I value your work.In my opinion, all 3 images qualify as street photographs since they involve human beings doing what human beings do. The first and third involve collective activity - eating at restaurants. They seem busier than the second which, to me, would benefit from conversion to b & w. In my experience dark skin seems lend itself to that treatment. has The first and third should remain in full color.

    Hope this helps. My best always, michael

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