Filters on the III-s

Discussion in 'Minox' started by karl__, Apr 15, 1999.

  1. For the Minox IIIs, at what serial number were the sliding filters changed from green and orange to green and neutral density?
  2. The Minox A cameras with 10x ND filter replacing the orange filter
    were made in the period between 1962 to 1969, probably began with
    SN 142,000. Hard to find exact figure.
    It is a rare collector item
  3. Moses' book, Spycamera gives the change point at around No.143,000.
    This would mean just under 4,500 Minox IIIs were made with the ND
  4. On eBay, the seller of SN 142480 reported the camera had the ND
    filter, and the buyer of SN 141741 told me that one had the orange
    filter. The change probably occured between those two numbers.

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