Film Camera Week for September 4

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  1. Greetings, all and welcome to our new thread. Post all the images you like from any film camera. I didn't get any new film processed this week so I'll start with a few from my archives. Some have been posted in last few years, might be one or two that are appearing for the first time. I hope to have some new images to add over the weekend.
    Old pickup interior, Minolta SRT 101 with MD 35-70, Ilford HP5+
    Shopping center (Ridgeland MS) Olympus XA with Rolleipan 25
    Window display, Nikon FE2, 50mm f 2 Nikkor AI
    sign on road, Konica TCX with 40mm f 1.8 Hexanon
    holding kittens, Minolta XD-5 with MD 35-135
    one more
    wall ad in Tupelo MS, Yashica Lynx 14E, FP4+
    Looking forward to seeing everyone's images.
  2. Pole and clouds. Nikon F2as, Zeiss Milvus 50/1.4, Tiffen #12 yellow filter, Ilford FP4+. 2020 ab&w 7 10.jpg
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  3. Typical July day. F2as, Zeiss 25/2 , #12. FP4+. 2020 ab&w 7 16.jpg
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  4. Homestead in fog, F2as, Zeiss 50/1.4, B+W 022 medium yellow filter, FP4+. 2020 ab&w 7 18.jpg
  5. Gravel road in fog. F2as, Zeiss 50/1.4, 022, FP4+. 2020 ab&w 7 19.jpg
  6. Fog on morning walk. F2as, Zeiss 50/1.4, 022, FP4+. 2020 ab&w 7 21.jpg
  7. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Continuing series from last week. Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35S TM, CZJ Tessar 50/2.8, Ilford Delta 100, medium yellow filter.

    Clouds & Trees 2, Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35S TM, CZJ Tessar 50 2.8.jpg

    Clouds & Trees 2
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  8. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Barn Through Trees, Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35S TM, CZJ Tessar 50 2.8.jpg

    Barn Through Trees
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  9. Some from a roll of Kodak T-Max 400 through a Pentax 6x7 SLR, using the SMC Pentax 67 Macro 35mm f/4 lens. The film was developed in PMK Pyro and scanned on an Epson V700 Photo scanner.

    Park #3


    Corner Cafe

    Corner Cafe.jpg

    Park #2

    Park #2.jpg




    Sentries copy.jpg

    Tī Kōuka (New Zealand Cabbage Tree)

    Tī Kōuka copy.jpg

  10. Nikon FM3a.

    Museum Sillhouette - Tri-X 400


    Cherry Blossoms - Ektar 100. (crop)

  11. OK I'll post some of the first pix from my gifted-to-me Praktica LTL, shot on Rollei Superpan 200 film, with the great Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm lens. I'm pretty well pleased, although I feel like some of them are a wee bit underexposed. Have to wait to see the negatives tho to see how thin (or whatever) they are. I also put up a couple pix in my "A Gift" thread.




  12. Back at Tsehum Harbour Marina with the Contax RTS II and the Distagon 35/2.8 on Kentmere 100 in Pyro HD.

    Image 1.jpg

    Image 2 (4).jpg
    B DOCK.

    Image 4 (3).jpg

    Image 1 (2).jpg

    Image 2.jpg

  13. Cleopatra Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone
    Pentax MX, 18mm f/11 Takumar-Fisheye, #25 red filter, Kodak High-Speed Infrared (HIE), HC-110B

  14. 004CMC Hermanas Alumnas Rubias Begoña  Canon F1n CFD70-210.jpg

    005CMC Niebla Barqueros-Retiro Canon F1n CFD70-210.jpg

    006CMC Gato Blanco Bidones CFD70-210.jpg

    009CMC Niebla Barca Estanque CFD70-210.jpg

    011CMC Niebla Paseo Coches Canon F1n CFD70-210.jpg
    Canon F-1n. Canon FDn 70-210. Tri-X 400. Rodinal (1:25) 7' at 20ºC ​
  15. Some from a Nikon F90X with a Tamron 28-105mm f/4-5.6 (IF) lens. I acquired the camera and lens separately and they seem to be one of those rare combinations that really were just meant to be, an absolute joy to use. The film was Ilford Delta 400 developed in PMK Pyro.




    Afternoon copy.jpg




    Atomic copy.jpg



    The Rover in Winter

    The Rover in Winter copy.jpg

  16. 355698_0009.jpeg This combination at its absolute finest: Voigtlander R3m + Voigtlander 50mm f3.5 Heliar lens + Fuji Industrial 100 film; I have never gotten this kind of color out of this film, nor have I gotten this kind of "pop" out of this lens.
  17. This might be my favorite of the Ducati series. Somehow, adding a human element makes a big difference- even when the human is way in the background- or is this just me?

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  18. Still no new film scans yet, but a few time exposures.
    dark skies during a planned power outage, Minolta SRT Kiron 24mm f 2, Tri-X
    almost a time exposure (probably about 1/4 second) Yashica Lynx 14E
    lightning, Yashica Mat D, Plus-X
    house next door, Olympus OM-1, 35mm f 2.8 Zuiko, Kentmere 100
    autoexposure during Tesla coil demonstration, Olympus XA-2 with TMAX 400 (and a little luck)
    icy tree from a few winters ago, don't remember the camera but film was Tri-X

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