Film Camera Week for October 6

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. A Lot of nice work here everybody. @rick D. I have this lens and it does turn out sometimes special tones... ie Chesnuts" .. .
    Keeping costs down here in Europe I am convinced that Agfa APX100 is Kentmere. It is sold in one of the local chain drug stores in Germany....and it can be had in bulk too!!
    Too Late to post weekend Photos... besides I don't have anything new or interesting anyway.. Banal existence etc..
  2. Chuck, go to "caffenolblogspot" & you will see that Rheinhold has the same thoughts on the APX / Kentmere film. Several years ago Larry Dressler (where are you laddie??) & I arrived at the Kentmere/Ilford connections. Lucky you that a chain store sells it! Bill
  3. @chuck- it's more of a weekly thread now so not at all too late to post. The Agfa APX 100 has the same D76 stock time for E.I. 100 as does Kentmere 100 and Ultrafine Xtreme 100. The time for E.I. 50 seems the same as well. If these films are the same the obvious choice is the least expensive as well as most easily available. For my location the Kentmere (which I really like) is the least expensive.
  4. An image I took 4 years ago with a Welta Weltax. Hadn't ironed out all the flaws from the shutter and the struts weren't erecting/meshing properly

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  5. Looks like you got enough of it figured out :)
  6. This one was reasonably okay. I think there's an old topic about me working on this camera floating around on ;)

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