Film Camera Week for March 2

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  1. homage à Americans by JDM von Frank
    Contaflex Prima on Nova Silverplus film from India (ORWO origins)
  2. Great work, as always. If I may ask an off-topic question (again), I noticed the sign saying "venison patties". Is that a commonly available item in NZ? I'm visualizing it as the deer-based equivalent of a hamburger patty, which totally makes sense, but it's the first time I've heard of it.
  3. I love the yellow leaves on the tree against the blue sky. And, is that a chrome tree in the first shot? It's very realistic. I thought it was real, at first.
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  4. Nice work. I love the shadows from the shopping cart.
  5. Wow! Was there a mini-car show going on?
  6. Yes, pretty much the same as a beef pattie, and readily available, often served as a hamburger. Many of the cafes and restaurants feature venison on their menus. Deer are farmed in New Zealand, most of the deer products being exported.
  7. Interesting. About 80% of the 10+ million hunters in the US hunt deer (sometimes in addition to other game), but I'm not aware of any commercial farming of deer, here. Some parts of the country have such a surplus of deer that the herds have to be culled, and yet there is strong opposition to commercial market hunting of them. It would not surprise me to learn that agri-business is a strong force behind that resistance.
  8. Yes Dave, Red, Fallow and Sika deer are considered a pest; they were introduced early in the piece to provide sport for the hunting fraternity, and quickly began to decimate indigenous flora, to the extent that cullers were (and still are ) employed by the government keep them under control.
  9. Wow, they really went overboard on that one. Three species on a couple of smallish islands? We only have three species in all of North America, and one of those is nearly extinct and only occurs in Florida. Which species do they farm?
  10. Mainly the Red Deer, occasionally Fallow
  11. It was a classic car meeting and there where several mini cars
  12. Very cool. I've only seen a Messerschmitt on TV. I've never even seen one in a car museum.
  13. Cannon P with Canon 50/1.8 on HP5, dev. in Pyro HD.

    Feb18CanP50HP5HD3in40068deg18min1permin (3).jpg

    OVER THE FENCE.........

    Feb18CanP50HP5HD3in40068deg18min1permin (2).jpg
    ............AND THROUGH THE TREES.

    Feb18CanP50HP5HD3in40068deg18min1permin (5).jpg

    Feb18CanP50HP5HD3in40068deg18min1permin (4).jpg
    "NOR ARE WE!"


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