Film Camera Week for July 28

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  1. Ohh I have a few more...

    This shows the corner ..wide.. 2017-07-24-0006.jpg

    Looking towards the central Tram Stop in my neighborhood Belsenplatz in Oberkassel

  2. I found a few scans that I must have done a few years back. I usually put them in folders with some film and camera data but these were not. So a few from film unknown as well as camera although I suspect it might have been my FE2.
    If I can remember when this part of MSU campus undergoing some work, I might could figure the approximate date.

    Taken around the same time

    One more, but probably not same date
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  3. IMG_0060.JPG So I pulled out my Signet 80 with Ektar for my trip to NY. Being told I do not use enough light I overexposed a little. In processing I come up with a new sequence in photoshop and these came out okay but do lack resolution or are grainy. One of these shots were shopped differently and I like both results. Used a 135mm lens.
  4. View attachment 1201457 Someone post a question a while ago trying to identify a photo that he was experiementing with with 4 fold symmetry. I figured it out but last week as I came out of the subway there it was right in front f me
  5. could not edit in time signet 80 ektar 7-27c.jpg
  6. Why are these so out of focus? you say you edit them in Photoshop. I wonder what your workflow is?
  7. I have not used this camera in years and pulled it of the shelf to see how it would do. I was with 3 other people who did not want to wait while I took photos so maybe I was hurried and with my eyesight I did not have time to focus or steady the camera. I was shooting at 1/125 and 1/250 but this explanation does not work for me completely. Maybe the range finder linkage is off. I will have to try another lens. They should not be that out of focus with that lens and camera. It think it must be the linkage that has to be adjusted. Maybe that is why the previous owner sold it

    The color was so saturated that before I did anything else I adjust the saturation first. Then color cast, levels, shadows and mid tone contrast. Next brightness and contrast. Then I would consider auto contrast, auto color and auto sharpness. Usually I found no changes by the auto process. In the future I will try adjusting the saturation first again. I think it might produce better results even on photos that are not so saturated.
  8. I'm currently comparing 120 Tri X with 120 Delta 400. This is a typcal shot with the Tri X from today. I have not developed the Delta roll yet but probably later tonight. Anyway I like the Tri X. This shot is a bit on the contrasty side but I had an orange filter on it. Actually it was a 10 stop ND with an Orange filter stacked. About 2 minutes on the exposure. I shot so many pictures out there and was not taking notes so it's all kind of muddled. Mostly I was just looking at the overall picture, contrast, sharpness and zing. Is there such a thing as "Zing". Maybe next time I will use the yellow instead of orange to reel it in a bit.

    TX big stop web.jpg
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  9. Donald, I am not familiar with this camera so I can't be of much help. It should be a good performer but something is clearly not right. I hope you can hunt out a good repair person.
  10. I am going to shoot again with the same body and different lens. Some of those were shot at infinity so focusing should not have been an issue. The Signet 80 is quite a competent camera and the lenses are considered quite decent. Maybe just one of those flukes. I would like to think that I should be able to at least focus a camera on a super sunny day with f 11-16. Even the long distance shots show loss of detail.

    Thanks for your interest
  11. Donald, I would try this first. While there is no film in the camera place a piece of wax paper across the film gate and set shutter to B. Try focusing at several distances and see if the sharpness of image on the paper agrees with the setting. If it does not, try another lens (like the normal lens) and see if that works. If the unsharpness just occurs with one lens then the problem is just for that lens. Another thing you might try is setting the distances marked on the lens and see if the image on the paper is sharp.
  12. Thanx Mike. It might be the lens which real be a real disappointment since I considered this particular lens the best part of owning this camera
  13. A shot I took today at Point Lobos in my Tri X vs Delta 400 shootout. The scene is similar to one I posted before butt the reason is for me to compare with Delta 100 and Tri X. I guess just based on a single roll of Tri X and Delta 400 shot today I would say I like both films quite a lot and I think I am just going to shoot both of these films for a while and try to discover where each will lead me. I do like the 400 speed because I can be free of the tripod while just walking around taking pictures of the Grandkids and such.

    Delta400 2.jpg
  14. Himatic_093_Simca.jpg

    Himatic 7S AFGA Vista 400
  15. Erko, I just gave away a 1947 Raleigh Sport, I am aging faster than the bike nd didi not feel safe riding it any longer. But those three speeds are the best. Something looks odd about your front wheel spoke lacing. Or maybe my eyes are aging also.
  16. To keep things moving, a few from a year or two back from my Konica Auto S2, which was my first 35mm camera. Still works great except counter no longer resets to zero.
    Gate on county road, Konica Auto S2 with Arista Ultra EDU 100

    same gear plus orange filter

    showcase from family camera shop- Auto S2, probably Tri-X late 70;s
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  17. to Mike or anyone. One other thing I did differently, I switched to Arista to Unicolor to process. I do not see how this could affect it like tis but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask. I was very careful in mixing but may certainly could affect character of color but not focus IMHO

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