Film Camera Week for July 28

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  1. one more for tonight

    Rolleiflex 149 Bergger Pancro400 HC110 wall art.jpg
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  2. I usually use the old rule of thumb, the 1/3rd-2/3rd rule. Depth of field extends one third of the distance from the point of focus towards the camera, and two-thirds beyond. Of course, the smaller the aperture being used, the greater the DOF will be, in both directions
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  3. Don, I found the Bergger Pancro400 certainly wasn't any more curly than,say, HP5. I find most of the films I use have a slight but manageable tendency to curl lengthwise, but it's the ones that curl or cup from side to side that I hate. Arista EDU Ultra 100, an extremely thin film, just lies there, inert.

    Here are a few from a second roll through the Mamiya 645 1000s using the 55-110mm Mamiya Sekor f/4.5 lens, HP5 developed in PMK Pyro. I'm waiting for another pack of the Bergger film to arrive from Freestyle.



    Food Forest

    Food Forest.jpg







  4. Those classic bikes are awesome, Erko. When I was growing up the rich kids had Schwinns and the middle class had Murrays (or Sears). I have a Sears 12 speed 27" from the 80's that I need to fix up. Currently I'm riding one of the cruiser style (wide tire) 7 speeds for my morning cycling trips. The brakes are finicky to adjust, but otherwise not a bad ride.
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  5. Thank you , yes a hub dynamo made by Sturmey-Archer . Interesting fact is that this company started manufacturing these in 1930 . Another fact is that even is called dynamo is not really one , but a magneto that creates AC .
  6. Rick's comments on the curling/cupping are a primary reason I use the Kentmere & Ultrafine Xtreme films (35 & 120). . flat, flat, flat. Bill
  7. I really like the old bikes. Always wanted a Raleigh 3 speed with the mechanical brake rods which was before the usual flexible cable used today. I ride 3 times a week these days. I have a nice 20 mile loop that I ride over and over. Last Saturday I rode on the Saturday morning bike shop ride. which is a variation of the same loop. It's just different because the starting point is at the bike shop. I did not go on the bike shop ride this morning as I did the Pinnacles Volunteer thing yesterday and I am a bit tired from the hike out there. But after breakfast I am going to do the 20 miler at a slower speed then the bike shop guys ride at and then we are going out for lunch at a local Farm that has very fun venue for lunch on the weekends. I am taking my camera with me as they have some cool stuff that I should be able to take some photos of. I will ask permission however since it's all private property and all. I have Delta 400 in the 645 and am excited to see how it performs and hope to post something up here later today from that roll. I will take a shot of my bike sometime this week and post it. I had it built for me 5 years ago in a custom frame shop. I am an excellent bike mechanic so I built the wheels myself and installed the Shimano group set. Basically I had the frame built and the did the rest myself. Young riders do not like my bike because it's steel. Kind of like digital guys do not like the camera's we shoot.
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  8. Same for me. 1/3rd into the scene if no specific subject in the scene. Grain of salt is the thing here as I am just an old hack taking photos.
  9. A shot of my bicycle from 2014. A few changes have been made since then in components as things wear etc. I just run fenders during the winter and the terrain you see is a good example San Benito County, Ca where I live. Lighthouse Cycles.jpg
  10. Stalking around one of the biggest Marinas on the Peninsula and found an area I had not visited before. Very large area dedicated to Commerial boats and Haul-out & Marine Service companies. Interesting place & will visit again with better camera & Lens options.
    Nicca IIIf with Jupiter-12 35mm f2.8, HP5 and Pyro HD.


    POTLUCK 5.


    July17Nicca35HP5HD3in386for16min1permin Z(10).jpg


    July17Nicca35HP5HD3in386for16min1permin (9).jpg

  11. A shot from Delta 400 at the Farm Lunch place out in the country.. Just my first roll of Delta 400 and my first impression is I like it. It is a sharp film and the dark tones look nice to me. Not so much on the barn but this shot was in the shade so its lucky to look like anything. This is just a sign on the barn. Lunch was great and we will go back soon. There was another shot like this on the barn and the photo was actually the lady that was working in the shop. I imagine this is her husband and he was probably in back baking and stuff. We bought a loaf of their french bread and we will have that with dinner tonight.

    baked bread web.jpg
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  12. From the roll of Rolleipan 25 I developed and scanned today. I've worked out a time of 10' for HC110 dilution H at 68F.
    Minolta SRT 202, MC Rokkor 35mm f2.8

    Looking west same camera and lens
    cloudy afternoon on Main Street

    One more, but cropped. Roughly a 1 second time exposure at f8. Tripod of course. Light from two Cree LED lamps in overhead fixture
    Each mug represents our cats' personalities.
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  13. Hello Tony
    This camera and lens seems to have done pretty darn good.

    How do you like the Nicca?
  14. Hello rossb

    What developer did you use on this one?

    Very nice, I have always liked Delta films especially the 100
  15. One from the Spotmatic F from last December. Probably the 50mm f1.4 Takumar. Film was Plus-X
  16. Hi Don, I have been using ID11 for about a year. I used the Illford recommended time of 14 min with 1:1. Delta 100 is my favorite film in the 100 speed variety. Not sure about Delta 400 yet.
  17. Don,
    Thank you. I'm not much of a hand-holder, but of my Rangefinders I find the Nicca the easiest to TRY and keep steady. Best in a photographic sense is my Canon P with Canon 50. Much prefer my SLR's.
  18. Regarding ability to hand hold (at least for me) obviously the leaf shutter cameras are easy for me. I can usually hold my Konica Auto S2 and Auto S1.6 down to 1/8 second reliably, my Canonet GIII 17 almost as good at 1/15. With SLRs it's a combination of mirror vibration and focal length. I can usually go to 1/30 with lenses 50 and under with my Minolta XE SLRs and my Nikon FE2. The SRT and OM1 SLR at least 1/60 and sometimes 1/30. The Cosina made match diode SLRs have more mirror vibration so usually 1/60 is lower limit unless propping up the camera or using a wide angle.
  19. I notice a difference between my FM3ns and F6. About a 1/30 on FN2n and at least a full stop in F6. On the F6 1/15 and maybe lower. On SLRs you have both shutter and miror vibration,
  20. I had a Yashica FX1 with me when I shot the Kodak 116A from my earlier post.
    Unfortunately I made a poor choice combination. I used the short zoom 42-75mm that I liked so much a few weeks ago and combined it with a vario contrast filter. The filter allows you to go from light yellow to deep red . Since I'm mostly in love with "wide!"! shots. I shot mostly at 42mm. The results were badly vignetted. This was Agfa/Kentmere 100 souped in Rodinal.

    The Standard View (50mm)


    This is the same view done with Autographic earlier

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