Film Camera Week for July 28

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  1. Okay, time to get going with our new thread. As many film camera photos as you like. I'll start,
    Minolta SRT 102 Sigma 24mm, Panatomic-X (cold stored)

    The view from an overpass, Minolta SRT SCII, Ilford FP4+
  2. For my modern film camera contribution I have my Pentax ZX-7 with Sigma 28-80. IMHO, this lens is a real sleeper. Good sharpness and the ability to use AF in close focus mode. And since it has an aperture ring I can use it manually on my Pentax MX.
    Parking lot landscaping, FP4+

    Indoors on tripod
    80's vintage stereo receiver and CD changer, recent turntable to replace my linear tracking one that recently went south

    Close up mode (which is good to 1:2) I accidentally changed back to program so the lens worked wide open, but even if I had stopped down, DOF would have still been shallow.
    Audia Technica magnetic cartridge, also FP4+

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  3. Sorry about the duplicate, but as Phil Harris said in the 1950(?) novelty song, "The Thing" You'll never get rid of the "thump, thump, thump" no matter what you do.;)
  4. 2017 ab&w 14 (8).jpg Cemetery and gate. FM2n, Milvus 50, yellow filter, FP4+.
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  5. Miniature Parthenon. FM2m, Milvus 50, yellow filter, FP4+ 2017 ab&w 14 (10).jpg
  6. Fog and gravel. F6, yellow filter, FP4+. 2017 ab&w 7 (5).jpg
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  7. Old Post Office now a clothing store. FM2n, Zeiss 25, medium yellow filter, FP4+ 2017 ab&w 11 025.jpg FM2n
  8. Hey folks - filmamigo here. I had to start a new account when my old one kept crashing after logging in.

    I have a couple of shots from my recent vacation, where I brought along a new-to-me Bronica SQ-A. These are shot with FP4 Plus, processed in Diafine.

    These were taken along the Cabot Trail, which circles the coast of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.


    This is in the village of Ingonish, a picture-perfect spot along the trail. I could see spending a month unwinding in one of these cabins.
  9. Nikon FM2n, 24mm f/2.8 N.C. @ f/8 x 1 sec. Edited for horizon and cropped the bottom. Original Fuji Velvia 50 colors. Karakorum, Mongolia.

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  10. Nikon FE, 200mm f/4 AI, f/5.6 x 1/1000th, Kodak Portra 400. Taikhar Rock area, Nadaam Festival, Mongolia.

  11. NIkon FE, 50mm f/1.8 AIs, Provia 100. Strawberry seller, Tsetserleg, Mongolia.

  12. Fuji gw690
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  13. Fuji gw690
  14. Zenobia
    Queen of Mississippi
  15. Zorki 6, Summar 50mm, Fomapan200
    branch bokeh.jpg factory 2.jpg shadows and rocks.jpg
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  16. Glad to see your with us again Mr. Cloven. Fantastic portrait of the strawberry woman. Fed-2/Jupiter-8, Kentmere400, OA & V600 scan. Enjoy, Bill 2k17-075-010 ces10 bc.jpg
  17. Finally got around to finishing, developing, and scanning the roll of Eastman 5222 that I had in my SRT 101.
    In the turn lane, 90mm Sigma macro

    waiting to unload, also 90mm Sigma

    From this morning's bike ride, Vivitar 24mm f2 and orange filter

    The SRT and 24 are not too terribly bulky to carry on a ride, but I cover more ground when carrying a rangefinder camera.
    Used to be the Bell Telephone office, 24mm without filter
  18. One of the theaters I go to occasionally; the Silver Spring Theater built in 1938. Over the years has gone thru several renovations - inside at least. The main theater however still retains many of the original Art Deco features - and a added 70mm projector. (Currently 'Dunkirk' is showing). Also shows old classics, independent and foreign flicks. (Nikon one-touch/ gold 200 expired) 52600005.JPG
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  19. 52600016 - Copy.JPG
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