Film Camera Week for January 12

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  1. I will be interested in hearing about the MP.
  2. Thanks, Bill. Should this weather fail to let up soon, you may have a guest...
  3. I will posts pictures and such. Availability they say will be next week. Thanks for your interest.
  4. A guard tower on a school?
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  5. Actually a control tower with a beacon on top. I should have mentioned that it is a flight research lab. It is located on the Starkville, Mississippi Airport. Some of the early design work on the Honda Jet was conducted there.
  6. Wow! You made this?
  7. Well, I made the picture of the picture on Kodachrome..
    The original was made in the period between 1875 and 1905
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  8. Ah. I didn't think anyone here was still using glass plates. Although, there probably is some crazed artist somewhere that is.
  9. GO BLUE!
  10. Nikon F, 16-35mm Nikkor Zoom, Tri-X, Rodinal semistand
    [​IMG] by bc50099

    Leica M4, 35mm f2.5 Nikkor LTM, Tri-X, Rodinal semistand
    [​IMG] by bc50099

    Horseman Woodman 45 Field Camera, FujiHRT Xray film, Rodinal.
    [​IMG] by bc50099
  11. I have heard that someone was using wet plates at a major Civil War Battle Reenactment, i.e. 1860s photography in in keeping with the time of the original event.
  12. Actually, as I said the other day somewhere here, we had a local photographer doing wetplate photos and teaching a class in it.
    I think maybe Photographers' Formulary still has some old photo methods classes and they do sell chemicals and such for them.
  13. Lot's of people with you-tube video's for wet plates. I watched one a couple years ago and a guy had a van similar to a UPS van with a darkroom and necessary set up to take wet plate photos in the field. He would coat the plates in the van and then develop after his shot. It appeared to be an awesome and expensive hobby.
  14. Hope you're dodging those IBM's, Bill! I might just stay down here in NZ for a while... Awoke this morning to a beautiful day, and went down to the village for a very early coffee and Danish. I took a Canon A1 loaded with Ilford FP4 Plus and fitted with the rather rare and unusual Canon FL 55-135mm f/3.5 zoom; I'm putting together a separate post featuring this ancient lens. It's not the sharpest lens one could lay hands on, but it has it's own very characteristic "look". I enjoy wandering around the cafes early in the morning as the town awakes, and I'll post a few sample images below. Development in PMK Pyro, scans from the Epson V700 Photo.



    Memorial Gates

    Memorial Gates.jpg

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning!.jpg



  15. Morning Rick & everyone else. I was up yesterday morning but not owning a "smart" phone nor watching any of the "local" TV stations, was totally unaware that 75% of Hawaii was being re-introduced to the 50's hysteria of duck n cover. Only problem these days, no one hardly remembers the drill, & the "Alert System" gave no info of what to do ! OK, Google it??? The Net was silent. So after several cup's of Jo & calming my something 40 niece & family, got my Agfa Iso3 out & did a walk-about, just in case the "Real Thing" does come about from the idiot's checking the "Button Sizes". Perhaps a picture later, as I am getting ready to scan the negs before heading to my sunday Farmers Market. Aloha, Bill
  16. Hiking about at Pinnacles National Park with the Grandkids. This is a homestead from back in the day. The folks had a blacksmithing thing going on and must have been tough as nails to live out there. Even now the old place is 30 miles from town. People do not usually hike out that way actually. This weekend the park will be at capacity and just a handfull of people will walk over to the homestead. I will be working in my volunteer job out there tomorow which is a free day at all National Parks. HP5 at 400 and HC110 5min 1+31.

    Whats in there-web.jpg
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  17. Himatic_146_Alfasud.jpg

    Himatic 7S AGFA Vista400
  18. During the walk-about, I stopped in to this local spot & had one of the Island's iconic dishes. Grilled Spam, scrambled egg's & sticky rice. I made it "sorta" healthy with a glass of V-8. Hopefully the pluged 2k18-006-005 mst ces10 bc.jpg arteries will get me before the nukes! Agfa Isolette 3, UFX400, OA & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  19. [​IMG]

    local "British Oldtimer day" 2009. Argus C-3
  20. 2k18-002-017 ces13 bc.jpg Great Jaguar shot Rick ! My Dad kick started me in photography with an Argus C-3. Here is another shot taken during the "Fake News Inbound ICBM - Who has the Bigger Button" walk-about. Isolette3, UFX400, OA & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
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