Film Camera Week for February 16

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  1. Welcome, all to our weekly thread. As usual, post all the images you want from your film camera. I'll start with a few from my Olympus IS-30 that has not been used in nearly three years.
    Officer's Lake, HP5+

    to the right of lake, camera propped on rail for slow shutter speed, HP5+

    guess which shop was very busy (hint- image made on 13th) also HP5+

    Foggy start to the 14th, HP5+

    From a few weeks back
    lingering snow, Tri-X

    On the IS-30 full aiuto (program) mode can be switched to aperture priority (although shutter speed is not shown)
    Remus, lens set to f 11, built-in flash, Tri-X

    The little 28-110 f4.5-5.6 zoom performs well for a zoom (although I've heard the zooms in the IS-2 and IS-3 are even better)
    Pearl checking things out, cropped, Tri-X and built-in flash, f 8
  2. The Tri-X was my last roll loaded from bulk. The price was so good on Ilford HP5+ that I got a bulk roll of it. It does seem slightly grainier than Tri-X as processed in HC110 and examined with a magnifier. But I do like the tones. FWIW, I used dilution B for Tri-X and dilution H for the HP5+/
    Later in the weekend I''ll post some from from classic gear: SRT101 and Olympus RC 35.
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  3. Intersection. F6, Milvus 50, medium yellow filter, 400TX. 2018 ab&w 1 1.jpg
  4. Court House. F6, 50/1.4, medium yellow, 400TX. 2018 ab&w 1 6.jpg
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  5. F6, Milvus 50/1.4, medium yell 2018 ab&w 1 12.jpg ow filter, 400TX.
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  6. Goat. F6, Outus 85/ 2018 ab&w 1 13.jpg 1.4, medium yellow filter, 400TX.
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  7. First signs of Fall. Nikkormat FT2, 50/1.4 Nikkor, Velvia processed by Harman (Ilford) in San Clemente, California. 2017 a 2 1.jpg
  8. Surprising... my experience is different, but I check scans instead of magnified look at the negative, so that introduces a variable probably. But HP5/HC110 dil. H (ISO400, 12 min. @ 20°C) has become my standard, since the grain is subtle and smooth, and the tonality is very much to my liking. With HC110, grain with Tri-X was far from bad, but I never got the tonality right somehow, the midtones milky and murky somehow.
    Then again, I'm no expert, so it could also just be luck with HP5 and bad luck with Tri-X.
  9. [​IMG]
    Recon run near Angoville-au-Plain, CCB trip 2017
    Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic 4x5 with Graphic 23 Roll Film Adapter
  10. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Two from the Praktica MTL 50, Vivitar Series 1 35-85/2.8 varifocal, Kodak ColorPlus 200.

    Winter Morning, Praktica MTL50 Vivitar 35-85 2.8.jpg

    Winter Morning
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  11. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  12. 35mm Ricoh XR-M
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  13. A few from a length of Ilford FP4 Plus, the first through a fresh batch of PMK Pyro. The developer seems to be consistent with the last rolls through the previous mix; it's amazing how well the concentrates keep, right down to the last drops. The camera was a Yashica FR1, fitted with a 42-75mm Yashica ML f/3.4-4.5 lens. Scans from an Epson V700 Photo, using Silverfast SE software.

    Eight AM 003

    Eight AM 003.jpg

    Cool Your Dog

    Cool Your Dog.jpg

    Eight AM 001

    Eight AM 001.jpg

    Cycle Hire

    Cycle Hire.jpg

    Eight AM 004

    Eight AM 004.jpg

  14. @wouter- my comparison of Tri-X and HP5+ is not entirely fair since I'm comparing dilution B for Tri-X and H for HP5+. I never got what I liked with dilution B and HP5+ and have yet to try Tri-X at dilution H. As I use it now the results are close enough that I'm happy with either film.
  15. Hello All
    Here are a few from the Canon P with new to me 50mm 1.8 Canon lens
    Film Ferrania in Pyrocat HD
    I have more to scan that I shot at 40iso that are not looking good, I think I was having issues with my meter.

    Anyway, I have adjusted the gamma on my screen using this site
    Can any of you tell me if these appear too dark or ok or?
    I have adjusted to my screen.
    Thanks in advance sorry for posting so many

    Canon P 50mm 1.8 Film Ferrania 80 Pyrocat HD pipe.jpg

    Canon P 50mm 1.8 Film Ferrania 80 Pyrocat HD store front.jpg
    Canon P 50mm 1.8 Film Ferrania 80 Pyrocat HD peeling paint.jpg

    TJ market
    Canon P 50mm 1.8 Film Ferrania 80 Pyrocat HD TJ market.jpg
    Walk Canon P 50mm 1.8 Film Ferrania 80 Pyrocat HD walk.jpg

    Resturant curtain
    Canon P 50mm 1.8 Film Ferrania 80 Pyrocat HD curtains.jpg
  16. They look just fine on my monitor, Don.The Norman Koren site is very thorough; I check my monitor occasionally using a simple colour/density step graph.

    Monitor Calibration
  17. Don, they look very similar to my experiences with P30 at 80iso in HC-110 according to the 'best practice' sheet from Ferrania.
    My negatives were thin, scans were dark, but they corrected nicely in photoshop.
  18. Look good to me Don. Also show the Canon 1.8 quality. P +1.8 my favourite outfit, currently.
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  19. Nikon F
    It was nice day to ride.....

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