Film Camera Week for December 22

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, Dec 21, 2017.

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    m42dave Dave E.

    Happy Holidays,

    No scans at the moment, though I hope to finish up some B&W film in the next week or two. For now, here's another from the collection.

    Zenit ET with preset MC Helios 44-3, made by BelOMO. This is an uncommon variant of the ET which lacks aperture automation. There was also a meterless version with a weather symbol-type exposure calculator dial.

    Zenit ET.jpg
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  2. A "digi cheater" to warm all you freezing souls ! Aloha, Bill
  3. Hmmmm. . seems the "Gritch" has V2.2 captive. . later.
  4. Hello All
    I haven't posted for awhile or taken any photos lately, had to have a stint put in.
    So these are my first photos since then, Oct. 22
    Taken with the Fed 2 and Jupiter 8 with 5222 XX film developed with PyrocatHD
    The negatives came out looking very good, my scans are only so,so

    I noticed that the bottom of the frames were running into the sprocket holes, is there a way to adjust this?

    Fed2 183 Jupiter8 XX PyrocatHD bush.jpg
    Fed2 183 Jupiter8 XX PyrocatHD dead tree.jpg
    Fed2 183 Jupiter8 XX PyrocatHD lost glasses.jpg
  5. Welcome back and I hope everything is going well.
  6. Don I have the "same problem" with my Fed's ( 2 or 3) & Zorki's. No luck with any trick to cure it, so just work around it. Bill
  7. I do need to need to go to the Prairie Arts Festival. Where is the Sally Kate Winters Parkway? Is it the old C&G right of way?
  8. I just got(another) FM2n in the mail today, and I wasted no time putting in some Ektar 25 that's probably amost as old as the camera.

    I know calling an FM2n classic is probably stretching things, but at least this one does have a honeycomb shutter so I think that makes it pre-'88 or so. At least is is all mechanical.
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  9. Thanks James,
    Feeling better

    Thanks Bill
    I will just have to live with it, the other Fed2 seems to be better.
  10. Here are a few more from the Fed2 from this past weekend

    Fed2 183 Jupiter8 XX PyrocatHD bridge 2.jpg

    Fed2 183 Jupiter8 XX PyrocatHD pipe 1.jpg

    Fed2 183 Jupiter8 XX PyrocatHD wall under bridge.jpg

    Fed2 183 Jupiter8 XX PyrocatHD creek.jpg
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  11. James- Sally Kate Winters Parkway begins on Churchill Road in West Point. Take right past Fastbreak (Churchill Rd.) and travel a few minutes (passing through a four way stop and a two way stop). Just beyond the two way stop the beginning of the Parkway starts on left. Their is a replica of the Stature of Liberty a short distance along the sidewalk. The parkway is between 3 and 4 miles in length depending upon what is considered the end. I can post the exact miles from highway 45 later.
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  12. Mike, Thanks. Sounds interesting.
  13. Is section of trail also labeled Kitty Dill Memorial Parkway? If it is it is the same section that I walked Last year. I started at the City Park and walked to in a southerly direction to the end and back.
  14. Yes it is. It was named in memory of a former mayor's wife. Now that I think of it I believe that most of it actually goes by that name. The park it passes through is the Sally Kate Winters part. It continues north of Main St. although that part passes through a few neighborhoods that are a bit dodgy.
    Here's one from close to Churchill end of parkway.
  15. A section of parkway just north of Main St.

    Here's what the Churchill side looked like a few years ago. The clock has been replaced by the stature.
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  16. In my view, a total classic. Maybe not a very historic nor old camera, but there is a thing like a modern classic too ;-) (and your post reminds me I should get a second FM2, better safe than sorry, and it's the one SLR I would not want to be without).

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