Film Camera Week for December 1

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  1. Greetings, all. Welcome to our weekly thread where everyone is welcome to post images from their film cameras. As many images as you like. I'll start with some that I processed and scanned earlier this week.
    Public library, SRT 100 with 55mm f 1.9 MC Rokkor, Kentmere 100

    Christmas store front, same gear and film as above

    downtown Christmas decoration

    water cover, Minolta 8000i with 50mm f2.8 Kentmere 100

    window display of art studio, 8000i

    small shop, 8000i
  2. 2017 ab&w 25 (11).jpg Daily walk. FM2n, Nikkor 35mm f1.4, mediu, yellow filter, 400 TX.
  3. 2017 ab&w 25 (23).jpg Farmstead sign on right. FM2n, Milvus 1.4/50, medium yellow filter, 400 TX.
  4. 2017 ab&w 25 (25).jpg Two cats wanting the same spot. FN2n, Milvus 1.4/50, medium yellow filter, 400TX.
  5. 2017 ab&w 25 (29).jpg Light and dark.FM2n, Milvus 1.4/50, medium yellow filter, 400TX.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Leica IIIa, NOOKY and 5cm f/3.5 Elmar.

    Kodak 35 US Army PH-324, 51mm f/3.5 Anastigmat
  7. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Here are three from the Pentax ES II, SMC Takumar 55/1.8, Fujicolor 100.

    After fixing a broken meter switch, sticking mirror, and replacing the seals, the ES II seems to be working just fine. Auto exposure is accurate and the Takumar 55/1.8 is a fine performer, as expected.

    Fork in the Trail, Pentax ES II SMC Takumar 55 1.8.jpg

    Fork in the Trail
  8. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    Mariposaville, Pentax ES II SMC Takumar 55 1.8.jpg

  9. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

  10. M4, Summicron, HP5, Diafine.
    trees in life.jpg looking.jpg empty street.jpg another day.jpg
  11. I've just returned from a week visiting our outer islands, so I have a few marine-flavoured images for, a change. Traveling light, I took a Nikon FE fitted with a Zoom-Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5 lens, not the most reputable of zooms but good enough for my holiday snapshots. The film was Ilford FP4 Plus developed in PMK Pyro. I have a roll of Bergger Pancro 400 to finish in a Mamiya 645 1000S, so hopefully I will post a few more images, later in the weekend.

    First Ferry of the Day

    First Ferry of the Day copy.jpg

    Half Moon Bay 003

    Half Moon Bay 002 copy.jpg

    Hibiscus Syriacus

    Hibiscus Syriacus copy.jpg


    Seacat copy.jpg

    Half Moon Bay 001

    Half Moon Bay 001 copy.jpg

  12. [​IMG]
    Testing a Kodak Auto Graflex with some Fomapan
  13. couple of firsts for me - first roll with a new-to-me Yashica D, and actually my first roll of 120 film ever too. Yes, I'm late to the party, I guess :)

    Film is HP5, in HC110 dil. H.

    bw_0011 1.jpg


  14. Nice work, Wouter! There's something addictive about square pictures...
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  15. Thanks - compositing square is probably the hardest thing for me, since I'm very used to 3:2.... but it's nice, and a good exercise to "watch differently".
  16. Another "Square Head" ! 99% of my "square" work is done without the intention of cropping into a "rectangle" print. Thankfully, enough people see the beauty of the format. You will find that with a finer grain film & appropriate developing, even landscapes can be "squared". Here, YashicaMat EM, G filter, 100Tmax & 510-Pyro. V600 scan. 2k7-084-002 m ces3 bc sqr.jpg Bill
  17. If you do get a bug to use the 6x6 format with landscapes, look into Rollei Retro 80s film. It has a blue sensitivity that is almost like shooting outdoors with a K-2 filter. I find 3.0ml of Rodinal in my 450ml tanks with Semi Stand developing is great Use a modified SS time sequence of 30sec of constant agitation to start with and (2) ez "flips" @ 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 min's with the dump at 60min. Care is needed with the fixer, time being NO MORE than 2x clearing. Bill
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