Experience with Retina 28mm f:4 lens

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by carlos_borges, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hello to you all. I need feedback for the Kodak Retina (reflex) 28mm
    f:4 lens. Do you ever use one ?? how does it compare with (for
    intance) the good Xenon C 50mm f:2 found on Retinas IIIc ?? I
    intented to use it for night work, so heavy flair is an issue.
    Thank you all for your replies. Regards.
  2. I use mine on my Retina IIIS. It is a bit flare-prone, though probably no more so than any wide-angle lens of similar vintage.
  3. I used a 28 mm f4 with a Retina Reflex III many years ago (1968). It was about as sharp as the 50 with the technology I had at the time. I do not remember special flaring problems, it is a coated lens.
  4. Carlos,

    Hi. I have one of these and use it on my Retina Reflex IV. Is has a very short focusing throw, about 1/4 turn from nearest focus to infinity. I have a hard time focusing precisely with it, but depth of field is usually more than adequate to compensate with this wide of a lens. It has a rather recessed front element--like a built-in hood. I don't remember flare problems with mine.

    --Micah in NC

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