Everything old is new again : FD lenses on new Canon EOS R system?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by matt_t_butler, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Can one use the manual FD range of lenses with an 'open' FD to EOS adapter (no glass element) on the recently released Canon EOS R camera body? (with one of the new EOS to R adapters of course)
  2. I don't see why not, but it will be a far more elegant solution to wait for an FD to R adaptor to be marketed. FD lenses also work on a Sony E and Nikon Z (when someone makes an adaptor), and you get IBIS with the latest Sony cameras and Nikon Z.
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  3. Thanks guys, legacy FD lenses without the cheap glass element in the existing FD to EOS adapter should give the EOS R images a unique vintage look.
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  4. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to handle an EOS R later today. As much as anything, being able to adapt (eventually) all my legacy Canon optics to a Canon camera is exciting! Perhaps even the "Dream Lens" Canon 50/0.95 can be paired up someday.
  5. I've been using my old FD legacy lenses on a Sony A7R (which has since been converted to IR), and since then on an A7R2. I haven't noticed any "weak" spots yet...they all seem to working just fine on the Sony bodies (I'm using a Novoflex FD/Sony E adapter). I've tested several of the lenses for hyperfocal focusing and they're spot-on with the Novoflex. I'm staying put with the A7R2 and don't see a need to upgrade it (I don't use any Sony native lenses...just my FD's)...really like the on-board stabilization, too. Not sure if I'm going to be tempted with the new Canon R...will have to wait and see. I understand the R will be able to handle the EF lenses, which I also have from my 5D and 5D2 days.
  6. I way over a hundred lenses in a large number of mounts. Although I love to play around with converting one lens to another camera body, it makes practical sense for very few lenses.

    Essentially, perspective control lenses and mirror lenses work as well on FD mount bodies with an adapter, as they do on the Nikon or M42 cameras they were made for.

    FD Canon cameras are second only to EOS EF bodies in accepting alien lens mounts with adapters, but it's really for fun, not actual work.

    When I go mirrorless, or to some other new thing, I'll wait for lenses made for those systems instead of using them with my old lenses.

    I will admit that my new puppy is a Husky and Labrador mix, so mixes can be fun:)
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  7. I can understand that. But for my situation, I had quite a few FD lenses that were sitting around gathering dust, and I'm not one for selling off camera gear. The A7R series at least gave these lenses new life...so much so, that I've now gotten back into film shooting with them as well. Just isn't enough time in the day...
  8. I am using Canon M39 screw mount, FL, FD, New FD, and EF lenses on my Sony A7RIII. They all work great. Some need CA(Chromatic Aberration) adjustments.

    I am using Fotasy, Fotodiox, and K&F Concept adapters. These adapters are under $30. I have adapters for my Canon lenses and Nikon MF, Minolta MD, Olympus OM, Konica, and M42 screw mount.

    Having Focus Peaking, EVF magnification, and IBIS(In-Body Stabilization) make mirror less cameras a great platform for vintage lenses.

    If your lenses are in good shape then I think you will be pleased with the performance.

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