Ethnic Festivals

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  1. Turkish Festival, Monterey
    NIK_0064 Turkish Festa.jpg
  2. Tried to generate some interest in "Street" but no takers.
  3. Patience is required, it may take days to 'mature'

    Chinese Culture Days
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  4. Nice Frames... :)

    Those jewelry makes have incredible patience.

    I went to the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco...several years in a row.
    We used to sit on the roof of a building at Sutter and Trinity and watch them come up Montgomery Street. Miss China Town always got HUGE Applause from our roof-top. :)
  5. Native American Festival in South Dakota

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  6. Sandy Vongries

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    Swiss Alphorns in Wyoming - who knew! DSC_5543 (1024x672).jpg
  7. Oglala Lakota pow wow, Los Angeles, 2010 Pow Wow 8a.jpg
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