Ernemann Ermanox Reflex camera with Ernostar lens

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  1. I have an Ernemann Ermanox Reflex camera with Ernostar lens, much like this one Ernostar - - The free camera encyclopedia. The Ermanox Reflex was the final model of Ermanox and was discontinued in 1929. What I like to ask the camera/photography community is, "Does the camera support glass plate photography or, more specifically, can the Ermanox's film plate adapters accept dry glass slides in place of the "normal" single cut sheet film?" Any worthwhile, considered responses specific to the question - please no off-beat responses - would be warmly received. Frank

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    Check out Jason Schneider's area on just posted a lot of information on the Ermanox and got some replies from someone who has one (not your model) and had it restored and is using it to make photographs. He has a 127 film back as well as glass plate backs for his, and apparently has a source for glass plates.
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  3. I have an Ica Atom 53 with plate holders. I made sheets of styrene the size of a 4.5x6 cm glass plate, and put them in the plate holders under a sheet of sheet film cut to size. The plate holders have a hinged frame that holds the plate down against a spring. There are other types of plate holders that only hold the plates from the ends under compression, probably would not work well with this sort of adaptation.

    Or you can buy glass plates here: PICTORIOGRAPHICA
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    Frank: you seem to be asking if you can use plates in cut-film holders; whereas in cameras of this age, I'm used to seeing plate-holders, which you can adapt to accept sheet film with 'film-sheath' inserts. So if you have holders that accept sheet film as they are, I'd look and see if part of the holder is a removable insert.

    See a 9x12 example in the picture in this wiki page:
    Film sheath - - The free camera encyclopedia

    If what you have really are film-holders, it's hard to see how those could be adapted to accept a thicker media; but I expect you could find some plate-holders that fit the camera.

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