Epson Pro 4000 "SERVICE REQ. 0001001B"

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  1. Hi,

    just bought a used Epson pro 4000 which it was suppose to be in working
    condition, after I spend few $100 on ink, the printer shows "SERVICE REQ. 0001001B".
    Called a local service place in Brooklyn and it need a print head cleaning,
    probably a new head.
    The least I'll need to spend on this is $300 plus for a cleaning and/or $400
    plus for a new head, IF I do it though this guys.

    I already have an Epson R2400 and I'm more on the edge to throw this thing away
    but first I have some QUESTION:

    Is it worth it to spend that much money on this printer..!?
    and there is any way that I can try to clean the heads myself (I'm handy)..!?
    there is any site with pictures that show how to do that..!?
    any other ideas.!?

  2. 1. Go to MIS and purchase a bottle of cleaning fluid available in 4 oz., pint , and gallon sizes.
    2. Turn the printer on and press the ink button. When the cartridge carridge goes to the load cartridge position unplug the printer.
    3. Turn the power switch off so that the printer will not start up when the power cord is pluged in at the end of this procedure.
    4. Open the ink cartridge carrige and remove all the ink cartridges and lay them on a blotter surface as some ink may leak out of the cartridges.
    5. Pour some of the head cleaning fluid into another container so that the main bottle is not contaminated during the cleaning. A empty film canister works well.
    6. Dip one end of a clean cotton swab into the fluid and apply to the top of the protrusion of the ink cartridge slot at one end of the printer ink cartridge carridge. A mini mag flashlight helps illumiate the ports. Turn the cotton swab over (double end, fresh swab single end) and blot up the fluid. Repeat two or three times with fresh cotton swabs or until the swab comes out fairly clean.
    7. Move to the next cartridge port and repeat step six.
    8. When all ink ports have been cleaned use a fresh cotton swab and dry the ink carridge out leaving no wet trace of the cleaning fluid. Remove any cotton fibers that may be lingering also.
    9. Mosten a fresh cotton swab end. Pick up the first ink cartridge to reinstall. Push the moistened end of the cotton swab into the port in the bottom of the ink cartridge with a turning motion until the swab end is 1/3 to 1/2 the distance of the cotton into the port, turn two to three times and remove the cotton swab and install the ink cartridge. Repeat for all ink cartridges.
    10. When all ink cartridges have been installed verify that the power switch is in the off position and plug the power cord in.
    11. Turn the printer on.
    12. When the printer completes its initalizing rountine run a head cleaning cycle from the printer utility.
    13. Run a nozzle pattern check.
    14. If after three head cleaning cycles the nozzle pattern is not correct turn the printer off and allow it to sit for 12 hours then repeat the head cleaning / nozzle check.
    15. If a head is still misprinting fill an empty cartridge with cleaning fluid, put it in the bad position, run a head cleaning cycle or two, turn the printer off and wait a few days and test again.
    16. Consider replacing if the clog does not clear.

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