Epson 4880 error message SET INK CRTG

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  1. Hello (1st post here)
    I'm just setting up my new Epson 4880 right now. Everything's all set, but right out of the gate it says my black ink is empty. error message is:
    SET INK CRTG ...with the "0" flashing above the #1 ink cart, which is the black. I've tried taking it out, shaking it, cleaning the contacts. ....It's bramd new, but reading as empty.
  2. Of course, call Epson. I had problems with my 2880 recognizing Epson ink cartridges. Epson exchanged the original 2880 that I bought due to that problem and the new one said two of the light black cartridges were empty after making six 8"x10" prints.
    Epson will probably say that the cartridge is bad, but I think they're spending too much effort trying to make sure people don't use non-Epson inks.
    If you have a lab or kitchen scale, you can weigh the cartridges. They should be close enough to each other that you can tell if one is empty. The inks for the 2880 weigh about 30 grams full and 20 grams when empty.
  3. Called Epson Tech Support. They were very nice, and are overnighting me a new photo black cartridge. ...Stay tuned!
  4. If Epson use a chip with a counter to assess the contents of the cartridge then this could be the issue; i.e. a faulty cartridge. On my Canon there is a simple optical device that looks at the ink level and this never fails! I would suggest that Epson have been too clever by half and is one of the reasons I would avoid buying from them in the future.
  5. Got my new PhotoBlack ink, popped it in, and we are fully operational. Great support by Epson so far I must say...
  6. Hopefully you won't have any more problems with it. Good luck.
    I've thought about getting the 3880, but I don't think I do enough printing to justify it. I'd be afraid that the inks would dry up before I use them up.
  7. I
    I want to buy one kitchen sclae, but i do not know which brand kitchen scale is great.
  8. Berryadam, I have a MyWeigh i500, bought online. It has a 500 gram capacity and weighs 0.1 grams. It is consistent.
    I bought it for coffee roasting and brewing but I couldn't resist weighing the ink cartridges before/after to see what the difference was.
  9. Just bought one from Amazon.Thanks for your recommendation akocurek
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