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  1. I just received an Canon EOS m with 22 mm lens. When I opened the box there were no warranty cards in the box and there also on the box stated there was an M adapter ? Which was taken out of the box. I'm gussing it's grey market but I was told by Chris at BH it was a USA body. I've dealt a lot with them and a l'm a bit concerned over this I received an RMA and it's going back. Has anyone run into this with problem. I know it's discontinued by Canon but no where did it say it was imported on their website.
  2. You most likely got an item that had been previously owned.
  3. I can't belive B@H would pull this crap. I've done business with them for many years. When I turned the camera on it did go to set up screen and I took a shot and the folder did start at 0001 really not too happy that this happened. Thanks Howard
  4. If you are not satisfied send the camera back to B&H. I'm reasonably sure they will do what it takes to make it right for you. Good luck!
  5. I agree I'm saying that I was very surprised B@H would even do this.
  6. I agree I'm saying that I was very surprised B@H would even do this.
  7. I'm sure it was a genuine error and not B&H trying to pull some sort of scam. Be aware that B&H and other orthodox Jewish businesses are closed for Sukkot for the next week or so. You may not get much response from them before the 19th.
    I didn't think (in fact I'm 99.9% sure) the standard kit included an M adapter (EF->EF-M), though one made by Canon is available for around $100. Are you sure the box doesn't just say that an M adapter is available (but not included)
  8. I've dealt with B&H for decades. They will make this right. They are on the level. A mistake happened, give them a chance to make it right.
  9. Bob it says adapter on the box with a serial number for it the lens and body and there is an empty space in the box where it should be and there are no warranty cards in the box either. I have an RMA I got one from B@H this morning. I'm just saying I never saw anything like this before I've bought thousands of $ worth of stuff and this is a first from them that's all I'm saying folks. I'm sure they'll make good when they open up.
  10. Strange. There's also no mention of an adapter in the B&H listing for the EOS-M w/22mm lens and the Canon web site doesn't list any adapter as part of the kit:
    What's in the Box

    [​IMG] EOS M Digital Camera Body (black shown)
    [​IMG] EF-M 22mm f/2 STM Lens
    [​IMG] Neck Strap EM-100DB
    [​IMG] Battery Pack LP-E12
    [​IMG] Battery Charger LC-E12
    [​IMG] USB Interface Cable IFC-130U
    [​IMG] EOS Digital Solution Disk, Camera Instruction Manual and Software Instruction Manual CD
  11. I've bought new photo gear from from Amazon and received used/returned gear instead. So it happens everywhere. But, like the B&H situation, I figured it was employee error and not an organized attempt at scamming (most things are brand new). A couple weeks ago I bought a Gitzo monopod and it was in a dogeared box, the foam grip was stained and stank of cologne and it had small scratches all over the CF tubes! It's not easy to find good employees to work crappy deadend warehouse jobs.
  12. I bought my M and 18-55mm lens from Amazon at a really great price. It came in a box that says "EOS-M" "EF-M 18-55 IS STM" "EF-M 22 STM" "Speedlight 90EX" "Kit" (I'm looking at it right now). It shows a photo of all 4 items on the box but just had the camera and 18-55mm lens inside exactly as I paid for. Everything works great and the camera and lens looked and felt brand new when I got them so I don't think there is anything nefarious going on at all. I think that to get just one piece or two you are getting it from part of a kit as that is all that is left. What great prices though for an APS-C camera and lens! I love mine although it looks hilarious beside the 1D MKIII, and the little lens hoods look like toys beside regular "L" hoods. I bought the EF-M 22mm lens later and got a genuine EF-M lens adapter from Amazon just a few weeks ago for $56 - steal! I got a case for it too - the brown leather MegaGear one for the M + 18-55mm lens, it is well made and has great protection but it's a little work to get to the battery and card once it is all put together. I have also purchased a small countries worth of equipment from B&H and they have always been rock solid.
    I hope this all works out for you, it's a great camera at an incredible price so stay with it, you will be very happy.
    Good luck!
  13. Did it have a warranty card in the box? My camera looks new that's not the problem there is no warranty cards either USA or Grey market international warranty how would I be able to get it repaired if need be,but I guess for the price you could just throw it away!
  14. I bought a Canon camera from B&H lately and didn't receive a warranty card either. I called them to inquire as to why, and they said warranty cards are no longer used. They said the receipt is now the warranty card.........good for one year.
  15. You don't need warranty cards these days, you register it online, so no need to worry unless of course you find the number has already been registered. Clearly yours was part of a kit sold separately. Surely you must have known what you ordered? You weren't expecting an M adapter I think as you didn't pay for one?
  16. Hi Arnold did B@H say if Canon will fix the camera or will B@H have it fixed?
  17. Me again I went to Canon USA Registration and registered the camera and the serial number came up good I received a confirmation email so I guess I'm good to go. This was not meant to be a B@H bashing thread I was just wondering if others here may have run into the same thing. Thanks for all the reply's you folks are great for giving good info. Regards
  18. I just tried to download the software and when it opened there was no USA box just Asia and Oceania whatever that is I have an RMA I'll send it back tomorrow,I don't like whats going on, this can't be a USA product, does anyone know if they accept RMA returns while they are on thier holiday?
  19. Canon have never asked me for a warranty card in 25 years. All they need for warranty repair is a copy of the original purchase receipt. That's all they have ever asked for. I don't believe I've ever sent a warranty card in to them. I would not be at all surprised if they've stopped including them with some products. They've never cared whether the item was "USA" or "Import" either.
    I think the NYC stores (B&H, Adorama etc.) have someone around to accept deliveries, but they won't process anything until after they reopen and there won't be anyone answering the phone or dealing with email.
  20. Thanks Bob that's good to know,I really like this little camera.
  21. I just got a 70D and there was a USA warranty card in the box, so Canon clearly are including warranty cards with some items.
    If you received a Canon "kit" from which some items had been removed, then I could maybe see why the warranty card wasn't there, since it may have included info on items that you didn't purchase.
  22. I'm very sorry for the confusion this has caused. I cannot check the status of this now but if you will email order details (including the original B&H order number) to me at henryp[at]bhphoto.com I'll be happy to do so when we reopen. We reopen on Sun Oct 19th, but I may not be back to work until M9on Oct 20th.
    For the record -- we carry almost NO "grey market" digital cameras. While some Canon equipment is still being shipped with warranty cards Nikon and Canon have both cut back on including them in more and more equipment. The card itself does NOTHING to protect your warranty. All it is used for is to collect your name, address, etc for future marketing efforts. The dated store receipt is the document you need to obtain warranty coverage.
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  23. Thanks Henry I have been a long time customer of B@H and will continue to do so,I'll contact you,thank you very much for taking the time get in touch with me. I just sent you an email, thanks again. Regards
  24. I hope Alan's related software issue will also be resolved.
  25. Thanks Howard

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