eos 630 with m42-eos adapter

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  1. hello,
    recently i bought three cameras - two eos 610 (or 600?) as a present, and one 630 for me.
    so when i gave two eos 610s as present, i checked that they work by using manual m42 lenses with eos adapter.
    they worked fine.

    then i used the lens with adapter with my 630. it shows canon's bsod, bc blinking message.
    does that mean that my 630 does not work?

    yes, i know i need to check it with normal canon lens. but i have only manual m42 lens.
  2. Does the 630 show this error when operated without a lens?

    These cameras have custom functions to change some modes of operation but I can't see why this might be the cause. Also open the back and check the shutter blades for a tarry deposit which can cause the shutter to stick..
  3. A few Canon EOS cameras (including the 600-series film models) have a small switch at around the 10 o'clock position inside the mount which tells the body whether an AF lens is fitted. Manual lenses and adapters usually have a slightly different bayonet mount (one of the tabs is shorter) which doesn't trigger the switch, so the camera works manually.

    Unfortunately, as you've discovered, some manual adapters don't have the shortened tab, and the camera then complains that it can't communicate with the lens in the manner you describe. On most EOS cameras this doesn't happen as they don't have the switch, but for those that do there are three possible solutions:
    1. Use a different adapter that doesn't trip the switch
    2. File the mount on the adapter so it doesn't trip the switch
    3. Adding an AF confirm chip to the adapter may also work
    Hope this helps.
  4. thank you. i'll try to check for the switch.

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