EOS 2D - September 27.

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  1. Canon annoncera, le 27, un nouveau reflex pro (EOS 2D /22 mpix)


    On Chasseur d'Images website:

    Canon will announce on September 27 a new DSLR pro (EOS 2D /22 mpix) .
  2. Looks quite real. Does the 22mpix translate into 22K$?
  3. You would almost feel sorry for those guys at Nikon....:)
  4. Hey Sept 27 is my birthday - now who wants to buy me a 2D for a birthday present?
  5. I would LOVE it if this camera came out! Especially if it was priced somewhere around $6,000... 1Ds here I come! :)

    Here's hoping...

    Ian Hobday
    Osaka, Japan
    http://hobday.net/photos (Opens in a new window.)
  6. WOW. Less than 50 RAW images on a 1GB card. Oh well, if you can afford that you can afford many flash cards!
  7. Like someone mentiond somewhere else. "If you can afford the Ferrari, you can afford the gas"
  8. In the DPReview forum thread that Rob just provided a link to, Phil Askey himself, who probably has an NDA, made the outright comment that the info we're seeing on the Canon 2D is false. Whether that means they got one tiny spec. wrong (21MP instead of 22MP!?) or are totally making it up we don't know.
  9. The interesting bit is that since this is going to be a flagship model it actually should
    be named 1Dsomething. 1Ds mark 2 would be more likely. And I find it very unlikely to
    cram 22mp in a sensor without problems for the moment. 22mp is quite large for MF,
    let alone 35mm!
  10. Not unrealistic at all. Canon has recently got into the habit of releasing cameras with twice the pixel count of competing Nikons shortly
    after Nikon releases their product. A pixel density equivalent to the 20D would result in a FF camera of 20+ MP. The new Nikon D2H has a pixel
    density higher than the 20D.
  11. 16 mp seems more probable.
  12. I'm sure it's not a EOS-2D with 22 MegaPixels. My reasoning is:

    Phil Askey at www.dpreview.com says the info is incorrect.He doesn't
    say this quite often, but when he does, it means.

    Either there is no camera.

    There is a camera,but it's not the EOS-2D/22 mpix as the French
    Magazine cited.

    I don't think Phil is confident that there is no camera because
    Canon might not have given one for him to preview. They didn't let
    out the Digital Rebel for preview and most of the online sites came
    to know about it when it was announced including dpreview.com.

    So I think Phil has a camera which is different from the rumored
    one. Perhaps a 16.6 mpix one.

    We'll know for sure within a couple of weeks. Anyway I don't think I
    can afford it, but I'm sure interested in how the technology is
  13. Hey, we know it's not going to be 22MP because that would be a bad marketing move for Canon. Tell you what they're gonna do, they'll release a 14-16 MP Camera for you to salivate over and buy. Then in two or three years time (depending on the competition) they'll release the 22MP camera, so you can buy that one. Why cut right to the chase and give you all the goodies all at once when they can milk you for two camera bodies.

    Canon doesn't make billions by giving you the best, they make their money by giving you just enough to keep you interested (and parting with your money) and to keep slightly ahead of the competition.

    Besides, why do we need 22MP, we're constantly told that 6-8MP is enough and beats 35mm and 11MP beats medium format?
  14. Maybe they don`t yet have a working body and it will be displayed under glass at Photokina, but they hurried up with the introduction of the Nikon`s D2x,... We`ll see in couple weeks time.
  15. I remember that a Canon rep, who introduced the 1Ds to a digital camera club meeting shortly after it was announced, mentioning that the 1Ds was going after the Medium Format market, confirming Michael Reichman's conclusion that the 1Ds rivalled MF in terms of resolution.

    With Medium Format backs now reaching 16-25 megapixels its seems reasonable for Canon to introduce a 20+ megapixel model. I think that most people make the assumption that the 1Ds exists solely to compete with Nikon's high-end offering and expect it to be priced and judged as a 35mm camera.

    Compared to a 22 megapixel MF system an $8000+ 1 series body with 20+ megapixels would be a steal. If I'm correct, then the direction of the MF market is the one to watch in order to figure out Canon's next move.

    This is the nature of digital technology. Smaller, more convenient systems that are mass-marketed eventually displace larger systems from their traditional roles, much like we use personal computers as servers today, whereas a few years ago workstation and minicomputers were delegated that task.

    Just my 2c.
  16. And everyone is assuming it is an EOS and not Medium Format.

    In most rumours there is usually an element of truth, in a lot of cases companies release info just to see what it will stir up in the marketplace. All I can say is that it is starting to get interesting, a jump to 22mp will shake the market up and will drop the prices of other 8mb cameras. Whilst being interesting, it is still a rumour but it does not stop you thinking about it. Probably will be a whole bunch of ef-s L IS lenses to come as well.
  17. Canon seem to be aiming at 1,6x crop (EF-S) for amateurs and full frame for professionals, so why should there be any EF-S L lenses?
  18. So only a pro can own L lenses then?
  19. No, but I think the days of $700 L lenses are fading (heck. . .aren't there only two? The 17-40/4L and 70-200/4L)

    With the release of a $600 18-70/EF-S, a $800 10-22/EF-S, and a $1300 70-300/Do-youbelieveth-IS, what do you think is the likely hood of seeing any new $700 "L" lenses?
  20. I'm wondering if the lenses have the quality to produce a 22 meg picture considering how much they have to produce that image. The whole lens lineup might have to be improved. A lady at the camera store said lens makers are starting to coat lenses the better old fashioned way again because of digital.
  21. Relatively inexpensive 22 MP at this point could be a big blow to the MF digital backs. However, I hear that the 1Ds replacement is going to be 16 MP -- so that should compare with the long discontinued Kodak DCS Pro backs.

    BTW, in another news item, Kodak has announced that they will be developing new sensors with IBM.

    Good news all around I think -- more competition & products.
  22. why should there be any EF-S L lenses?
    Canon has already demonstrated that they're not applying the L label to EF-S lenses. Until the 400/4 DO, any lens which contained fluorite, UD, super-UD, or certain types of aspherical elements got the label L. The 400/4 didn't, supposedly because Canon wanted to establish DO as a separate line (with a green ring instead of a red one) - although at the time of its release, Canon put out some marketing material which attached the letter L to it, and some still exists (Canon Canada's Web site says the 400/4 DO is an L lens, for instance). Which leads one to believe that there was a disagreement in the marketing department as to whether or not this lens would be called L DO or just DO, and that a final decision was probably not made until not long before the lens was announced, making the marketing folks rush through everything they'd prepared to take the letter L out, and they missed some (proofreading has never been a strong point in Canon USA's marketing department - they rarely release a brochure that lacks factual errors, and Canon USA's Web site has a long history of gaffes).
    Now we have the 10-22 EF-S, which should, by their previous pattern, be an L lens - it has three aspherical elements (but, AFAIK, none which would qualify it for L status) and one super-UD lens (and every other lens Canon has ever released with S-UD has been an L). By way of comparison, the 17-40/4L also has three aspherical elements and one S-UD element. But the 10-22 isn't an L lens.
    BTW, it would be surprising for Canon to release a replacement for the 1Ds and call it the 2-something - again, for marketing reasons. Canon has made a big deal for many years about their top-of-the-line pro bodies using the number 1. An EOS 2 would be a semi-pro body in most of the world, maybe even a prosumer body in Japan (where the Elan 7/EOS 30/33 was called the EOS 7).
  23. Anyone who knows anything about the upcoming Canon SLR (assuming there is one, of
    course...ahem) also knows the Chausseur d'Images rumor is rubbish. The rumored camera
    should be pretty cool...but get your feet back on the ground, folks.

  24. There is absolutely no reason to introduce a 22 mpix DSLR because no Canon lens has that kind of resolving power. Not even close. However, someone much wiser than I once offered that some "extra" pixels could be potentially added to an image sensor for error-detection/correction to lower the image noise.

    So perhaps this is a case of 22 mpix "total" but with more like 11-16 mpix "effective" resolution, and much lower noise than anything else on the market.

    Okay, I'm out on a limb, but if I'm right, remember that you heard it here first.
  25. Who cares how many MPs will it have? I only care how quickly 1Ds prices will drop :))

    Happy shooting ,
  26. http://www.eos-d-slr.net/1ds_mark2.html

    Full frame (36x24mm) DSLR
    16MP, 4992x3328 pixels
    Filesize in RAW is 14.6MB
    CMOS sensor
    Can't make out frame rate.

    Takes CF and SD cards.

    Connects via USB and Firewire.

    45 focus points

    ISO 100-1600 in 1/3 stop steps
    ISO 50-3200 with Custom functions.
    Max Shutter speed 1/8000
    Weight 1215g

    ETTL-II flash system.

    Operating range 0-45C.

    Not translated by me.


  27. Both Phase One and Hasselblad have 39MP 645 format sensors! Phase One has the P 45, a 39 megapixel 645 back; Hasselblad has the H2D 39 body. I think it is plausible to speculate about a 35mm equiv. digital body with somewhere around 20+ megapixel count. I'm personally a bit skeptical about how much Canon could improve their chips recently to overcome the greater noise that would come with packing said pixels more densely, but anything is possible! Perhaps there is some correlation to the Digic III processor slated to arrive as well. I have to agree with many of the previous posters as well: I'd love a new killer top of the line - then I could afford a 1Ds MKII :)

    Hereメs a link to Phase One's site, featuring the P 45 and others:

    Hereメs a link to Hasselblad's site, featuring the H2D 39 body:
  28. haha, back from the dead! I was very confused by this thread until I read the dates on their earlier posts
  29. I'm just going to disclaim my previous post a little and say: I would think it more reasonable that the new body would be sub 20MP and that other areas of improvement would take greater priority (i.e. - greater buffer capacity; faster shooting speed; larger LCD; etc. It would be really wonderful if they could integrate the duality of image size and shooting speed such as is available on the D2X, however I'm sure Nikon has that prospect locked down for some time to come! maybe someday they'll ditch the brick battery pack and pick up the wicked Li-ion like the D2X!
  30. Oops, I neglected to mind those dates too!
    I was thinking this topic was about the impending new release everyone is speculating to be a revision to the 1Ds MkII.

    I'm totally embarassed!
  31. See what happens when people do searches? <grin>

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