Early production vs current MP: differences

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by luigi v, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. I know the early production of the current MP was produced with the M6 ISO dial, but did it have also a
    different leatherette cover?
    I have just realized my early model one has a different leatherette finish compared to my newer production
    Am I right or has the leatherette been replaced?
  2. ASFAIK the leatherette hasn't changed on the standard MP and is being carried over to the M8. Leica did however use a different leatherette on the LHSA MP Hammertone version which resembles the courser pebble-like texture from the earlier M's. The same may also be true on some of the other special issue MP's but I'm not sure which ones.
  3. Most of the initial MP production cameras have a very different covering material on the back when compared to the body. In other words the coverings on the back plate and the rest of the body were mismatched.

    However, there are two variations:

    1. Pre-production models are said to have the same rubbery body covering as the initial production (M6-style) back plates - not mismatched. I have heard of these, but I have never seen one.

    2. Later (before the M6 back plate was replaced with the current version), Leica used the same harder material on the back plate, matching the newer body covering - again, not mismatched. I have only seen one like this (in silver chrome).

    Both variations should be quite rare.
  4. Bill, please have a look at this...in particular picture 3 and 4.
    the leatherette is the same on front and back but it is different (thinner) from my late
    production MP.
    Do you think it has been replaced or is this a raree model?
    Many thanks in advance
  5. ...and this is how the leatherette looks kike on my recent MP...
  6. Luigi:

    This does not look to me like standard MP body covering. Rather, it looks like custom leatherette. That's my guess.

    Enjoy it... It's a beauty!

  7. One more...
  8. Well, thanks Bill...!
  9. Actually I went on to the Leica website and I have used the MP a la Carte configurator, and it
    looks like the leatherette on my MP resembles very much to what they call saddle leather, a
    250 USD-160 GBP add-on option...

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