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  1. I recently shot my first roll of colour infrared - Kodak EIR
    (actually 1443 rewound and cut so it fit on 120 spools). I sent the
    film to a lab recommended becasue they use dip and dunk without IR
    LEDS and without IR goggles. They know the film and have developed it
    When I got the film back, there is a small part of the image at the
    top of each frame (about 10%)and the rest of the frame is blank, the
    same as between frames and the edges.

    Any idea what the problem might have been? Rolls shot before and
    after this one, using the same film back, are fine, although they
    were not EIR film. They were both b&w and colour neg. Other trannies
    shot with the same camera, lens and back are fine. Since this film is
    ungodly expensive, I was hoping to get some suggestions on this
    before I had to waste too many rols foguring it out myself.

    Thanks, Richard
  2. What's the camera?
  3. Please clarify: you describe the problem as "frame is blank" but then describe it as "same as between the frames and edges."

    If I understand correctly, "blank" would mean the problem area appears black on a reversal film. If this is indeed the case, then that area did not receive any exposure, and has been developed properly. Look to your camera for a malfunction.

    On the other hand, if "blank" means clear, and the edges and between frame area is also clear, then the film has been fogged.
  4. Just because the lab has done it before doesn't mean they can't or didn't screw up your film. It happened to me on my first roll of HIE.
  5. Yes, I meant that the film is clear to the film base except in a small portion at the top of each frame. Sorry about that. The camera was a Bronica SQA but I don't think it was a camera problem. The camera and back have been used a number of times recently, before and after.

  6. How was the film cut in order to accomodate the format? Is the line bettween these two points soft or hard edged? Is it possible that this edge could have been exposed?

    Michael D. D'Avignon

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