Does the EOS 5 have ECF?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by railphotog, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. The European/Asian Canon EOS 5 film camera is supposed to be the equivalent of the EOS A2/A2e in North America. The A2e has ECF - Eye Controlled Focus. Does the EOS 5 have ECF? The description on the Canon Camera Museum indicates that it does have ECF, but a seller I'm dealing with says it doesn't. Might I assume he may not know what he's talking about?
    Is there an EOS 5 version without ECF?

  2. The EOS 5 does indeed have ECF.
  3. Yep, but only in the horizontal orientation. You an Elan IIE, Elan 7E or Elan 7NE for the whole freakin' ECF enchilada.
  4. Thanks for the replies!
  5. They right.
    The only difference between the international EOS 5 and the American EOS A2e is in the viewfinder display. Most people prefer the additional information in the 5.
    Another camera with very sophisticated eye-control is the EOS 3 which many people feel rivals the EOS 1 series.
  6. Yes the EOS 5 has ECF and it works very well, the reason why i still keep 2 bodies that i still get to shoot occasionally .
  7. As the others have said, the 5 does have ECF.
    It sounds as though you are planning on buying one. In that case I would strongly suggest that you also consider the EOS 3. The ECF in the 3 is more refined, and it has more focusing points.
    The 3 also has a better viewfinder and is generally a a step above the 5.
  8. Also, the EOS 3 works with the current EX range of flashes

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