Does anyone here works for Hunts Photo & Video in Massachusetts ?

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  1. Or do you know who works there,I just have general questions about working for
    them.If someone reply I'll post the questions.

    Thank you
  2. Freindly attitudes towards customers and knowledge about the equipment that is sold are not job requirements based on my visits there.
  3. I don't work there, so this may be a less-than-helpful response, but my experience with their Hadley store (the only one I've visited) has generally been positive. Friendliness can vary from store to store, of course; the folks in Hadley seem friendly enough. They have at least two very knowledgeable people on staff, and everyone does seem involved in photography to some extent, but John is right, knowledge does not necessarily extend to the equipment actually on the shelves. I sometimes find more employees than customers when I visit--I'm not sure how I would feel about that if I were an employee (boredom can be deadly in a job, but presumably they have other things to do when not helping patrons). In the absence of the inside scoop from a bona fide employee, I hope this helps some.
  4. Years ago I bought a P&S camera for my wife in the Melrose store, felt I had good advice at the camera counter, and was very satisfied. Since then I've only gone in for film found whatever I was looking for at a good price, not much contact with employees.
  5. Great anwsers,but I was looking for an ex insider :)

    Thank you

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