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Discussion in 'Abstract' started by michaellinder, Dec 7, 2017.

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  2. Now thats a rare photo Fred, the DMV with no line!
  3. Sanford, funny story. I lost my wallet and had to go down to DMV in person to get a replacement license. Made an appointment at the San Mateo DMV (SF is too booked up) and was in and out in about 10 minutes. Truly amazing. Totally organized and efficient. Anyway, having seen this thread before leaving the house, the eye charts seemed like they’d make a good entry, so I grabbed my phone and took a quick pic. The lady who was going over my form admonished me and told me that wasn’t allowed and I had to delete it, which I pretended to do. Not sure whether or not it’s true that you can’t take a pic at a DMV, but didn’t much care. Just then, one of her co-workers from across the entire room came over, all hot-headed, and screamed (at her) asking if I’d taken a picture. She said it had been deleted and he went back to his desk in a huff. I guess they thought I could memorize the eye chart and come back the next time and pass the test without my glasses. C-P-E-F-D, as if I don’t know that one by now. Anyway, despite my brazen behavior and flagrant disregard for DMV propriety, as far as I can tell, the nation still stands, all state secrets are still intact, and I’ll have my new license in a week, all while obtaining my entry for today’s “documentary abstract,” now much more fully documented.
  4. Another way of saying No Entry? DSCF2868x700.jpg
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  5. JDM, be careful, lest the rightists among us chastise you for making a political statement. For whatever it's worth, your message and mine may be connected.
  6. Michael, the arrow in JDM's photo is pointing right, a pivotal, perhaps even subversive, detail, IMO. :)
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  7. Quiet, Fred. Don't admit admit anything about JDM's photo. The thought police are everywhere.
  8. Minor White once said . . .

    "Every photograph is a self portrait."
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