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  1. Is there a place right for me if i want to post series of 15 related pictures?
  2. Ideally, you would create a gallery here in your PN portfolio, and then provide a link to that gallery. The forums aren't usually appropriate for long exhibition/series like that, except by reference.
  3. For now the best way to get feedback on a documentary photo essay is to create a presentation. If I'm recalling correctly, the steps are:
    Here are a couple of my older presentations:
    They've received some constructive feedback even without my inviting anyone to view and comment. If you'd like relevant comments on a photo essay in context rather than individual photos lacking context, invite some like-minded photographers to view and comment your presentations.
    If you're on Facebook, Google+, etc., you can post a link to the presentation - for now there doesn't appear to be a "Like" or "+1" button on presentations for sharing.
    If you're a whiz with HTML you can do a little customizing of the format.
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    As I told you in the email I sent you earlier today:
    I'm deleting your post from the Street & Documentary forum. Please see the forum guidelines: "Photo posting threads are allowed, but do not post strings of photos. If you want to show a group of photos, put them in a folder and provide a link" Feel free to upload at elsewhere, post one or two to give an idea, and post a link.

    This is essentially the same as what Matt says in the first response above.

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