Do they have Minox lenses?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by ginon_lee, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Several months ago I posted a question, asking for the reputation
    and the performance of Minox digital cameras.

    "Now I want to make sure if Minox digital cameras are equipted with
    Minox lenses."

    Maybe someone has already gave me the answer but I might have not
    understood due to my poor English.

    I think it's worth buying a Minox dica if they have Minox lenses.



    Some people said wrote:
    1)Here is my understanding. Minox digital cameras are generally not
    much more than re-badged cameras from other manufacturers. That
    being said they are no better and no worse than any other digital in
    their respective class............

    2)A quick search on the WEB turned up that all of the following are
    based on the same camera from Premier Image Technology Corp. Taiwan:
    Konica Minolta Dimage E40, BenQ DC E43, Minox DC4211, Premier
    DC4331, Rollei Prego dp4200, Centon DC4s, Voigtl?er Virtus D4,
    Maginon Slimline X4

    3).......Small companies can make film cameras and maybe even a few
    lenes, but they can not compete in digital technology unless they
    stick to their niche. In other words area of the market that the
    major digital camera makes steer clear of. None have done so yet,
    but essentially they need: Leica - Digital M that is just like the
    M7 but without film. Contax - Digital T series (with APS sized
    sensor) Minox - Digital LX. I could go on but I think you got my
    point. Why would I buy a generic digicam from a small camera maker
    when I can get a generic Sony or Canon or Nikon that takes better
    photos, is avaliable everywhere, and is cheaper.
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  2. I rather doubt it.

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