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  1. I've considered the digital Minox (DSC) just for fun. It seems they aren't all that good, but would be an interesting addition to my collection. It seems they have pretty much disappeared - not even to be found on eBay.
    Anybody else here use one, or have tried one? Would like to know more.
  2. MTC  Photography

    MTC Photography Moderator

    I use a 5MP Minox DSC silver camera

  3. MTC  Photography

    MTC Photography Moderator

  4. Very nice MTC. Those are beautiful pictures.
  5. MTC  Photography

    MTC Photography Moderator

    I also have DSC 14MP version, the one that looks like a Leica M3
    But it is rather bulky, not pocketable as the DSC 5MP
  6. Yes, very nice! I especially like the rail shot, the red grain elevator really makes the photo. I wasn't aware the DSC came in silver. Makes it look more like a Minox - although my favorite is my black one which was my Dad's.
  7. MTC  Photography

    MTC Photography Moderator

    There is a Minox DSC in black color, it is a Minox DSC 3MP

    The 5MP DSC is called "Minox DSC silver"
  8. I carry my DSC with me as part of my every day carry along with a .45 and a flashlight.
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  9. Depending on where you live/commute, makes perfect sense.

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