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  1. Hi,
    Can you recommend about "fforde" for used camera dealing?
  2. I assume you mean Ffordes -
    I've used them a lot both for new and used equipment, always with excellent service. Their grading of second hand equipment is accurate, and they'll discuss an individual item if you give them a call.
    I ordered a 28mm Elmarit on the 23rd of December last year, and it arrived the following day. I'd use them again without a second thought.
  3. Excellent dealership. I ordered a new Fuji S5 dSLR from them at the end of last year for US$550 and the camera arrived 3 days after the order. They also have excellent prices on used equipment.
    They ship by UPS, so if you live in the US be sure to tell them to ship by Royal Mail otherwise you will pay the UPS 3% "customs broker fee" - a ripoff, as there is no import duty for still camera equipment into the US. UPS actually have the nerve to make this a line item in their tracking:
    If you buy tell them to ship by the postal service.
  4. I agree, Ffordes are first rate. For used gear I exclusively use Ffordes, MXV ( and MWClassic ( - excepting some very specialist or vintage shops.
  5. Another vote for Ffordes. I bought a used Canon 24mm F1.4 L lens. Arrived promptly and exactly what it said on the tin!
  6. I was going to say that using Royal Mail or UPS was a Hobson's Choice, but find out at Wikipedia that this is really a Morton's Fork . In my personal demonology, Royal Mail ranks down there with Deutsche Post. Ironically, or at least surprisingly, I've had terrific results with Russian, Ukrainian, and Czech postal services.
  7. Another first class vote for ffordes. Honest, upfront, reliable and very, very helpful. All you could ask for and more from a dealer.
  8. Very good to deal with. I have bought an M3 ,a Sekonic 308 and a Pradovit P600 from them.
    I think that the real test of a good store is when something goes wrong. It did with the Pradovit. They arranged for it to be picked up the next day ,gave it a full service and repair and it was returned within about two weeks. First class service. The trouble is that you think twice before going elsewhere. Their prices are reasonable and their used descriptions very conservative.
  9. Very good communication
  10. I've bought Hasselblad equipment from them. Excellent service although not always a deal with the exchange rates to the US.
  11. I got two lenses from them. Excellent condition and service; Steve was very helpful.
  12. I have been a regular purchaser of new and second-hand from Ffordes since 1993 ..... that should be recommendation enough.
    regards Simon
  13. I don't know about digital, but for 35mm gear in UK, especially Leica, I have found that Ffordes, Aperture Photographic, Peter Walnes and Camtech all have extensive used product range, reliable descriptions, and friendly, knowledgable service. (The first two, together with MXV, Mifsuds, and Mr Cad are also good for MF gear). I recommend that if you can, talk over gear choice with them, as they will describe in accurate detail the state of each item, and will compare with similar items stocked. Good luck!

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